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Sebastian Cortes

Going Places, Portraits of Pondicherry, Sebastian Cortes, June 2013
Sebastian Cortes - Portraits of Pondicherry

by Sebastian Cortes

In his new book 'Portraits of Pondicherry', Sebastian Cortes explores the many faces and contours of the southern Indian city, recently featured in the Oscar-winning film 'Life of Pi'....

Deccan Herald - Sebastian Cortes - 10 December, 2012
Sebastian Cortes - Expressive staging

by Marta Jakimowicz

The 'Pondicherry' photographs by Sebastian Cortes at Tasveer (November 10 to 30) offered a charmingly classic and sensitive insight into the unique character and atmosphere of the place....

Matters of art - Sebastian Cortes - 5 December, 2012
Sebastian Cortes - Tasveer presents Pondicherry by Sebastian Cortes in Chennai on December 12

by matters of art

Pondicherry is an extended photo essay, which has as its main focus the photographer's perception and visual interpretation of the city Pondicherry....

TimeOut Bengaluru - Sebastian Cortes - November 23 - December - 6, 2012
Sebastian Cortes - French benefits

by Pratima Chabbi

Photographer Sebastian Cortes devoted four years to Pondicherry. The resultant series of pictures, an examination of contemporary life in the town on the country's eastern shores,....

The Hindu - Sebastian Cortes - 16 November, 2012
Sebastian Cortes - Zooming in on truth

by Harshini Vakkalanka

Photographer Sebastian Cortes's recently launched coffee-table book Pondicherry is nostalgic, without being obvious....

Bangalore Mirror - Sebastian Cortes - 12 November, 2012
Sebastian Cortes - PONDICHERRY IN A TOME

by Jayanthi Madhukar

It is with interest that one awaits the upcoming show at Tasveer that showcases Pondicherry  through the eyes of a native who happens to be an American....

Deccan Chronicle - Sebastian Cortes - 10 November, 2012

by Darshana Ramdev

"Entrez, entrez," the old man's voice floated out of the large, airy bungalow and into the courtyard, where a photographer named Sebastian Cortes was waiting, hoping to meet him....

Times of India - Sebastian Cortes - 9 November, 2012
Sebastian Cortes - Portrait of a city

by Richa Bhatia

There are no touristy postcard-style images of sunlight gleaming in sprawling homes in this waterfront city of Pondicherry that has inspired many a photographer.....

New Indian Express - Sebastian Cortes 9 November, 2012
Sebastian Cortes - One place, many faces

by Shefali Rao

Think of erstwhile Pondicherry (now Puducherry) and most people think of a lazy weekend away from the city, amidst the beach and good food....

Mint - Sebastian Cortes - 9 November 2021
Sebastian Cortes - Sebastian Cortes - Pondicherry

by Mint

Photographer Sebastian Cortes' show in Bangalore is an extended photo essay, in which the main focus is his "journey into the metaphorical and anthropological folds of Puducherry"....