Saibal Das

Verve, Saibal Das, 5 May 2022
Saibal Das - Through The Ages

by Huzan Tata

Explore death, religion and memory through Saibal Das’ latest exhibition of monochrome images

The Hindu, Saibal Das, 3 May 2022
Saibal Das - Richer by emotion
The Hindu

by Nirmala Govindarajan

Photographer Saibal Das captures journeys of faith through pictorial narratives...

Bangalore Mirror, Saibal Das, 18 April 2022
Saibal Das - Pictures that go back in time
Bangalore Mirror

by Jayanthi Madhukar

In his latest series, photographer Saibal Das travels to places such as Varanasi and Brindavan to capture images from another era.

The Telegraph, Saibal Das, 8 March 2022
Saibal Das - Shades of grey, stark & sombre
The Telegraph

by Soumitra Das

Soumitra Das explores the shades of grey -- stark and sombre -- in Saibal Das' exhibition, Before the Birth of Time.

Mail Today, Saibail Das, 9 January 2022
Saibal Das - With Pilgrims on a Photographic Journey
Mail Today

by Srijany Ganguly

Photographer Saibal Das’ third photo exhibition with Tasveer is a pilgrimage to the religious and spiritual corners of India—into the world of monks, sadhus and other spiritually inclined people. The show is about pilgrims’ endless search for their origin, writes Srijani Ganguly.

Saibal Das - Better Photography - April, 2011
Saibal Das - April 01, 2022

The Unnoticed Chitpore Tales : While exploring Chitpore in kolkatta,photographer Saibal Das experiences moods and stories dwelling on these streets...

Saibal Das - Deccan Herald - March 28, 2022
Saibal Das - March 28, 2022

Landscape of contrasts - Chitpore, in Kolkata, during its heydays was home to many literary and cultural greats..

Saibal Das - Deccan Herald - March 28, 2022
Saibal Das - March 28, 2022

Landscape of contrasts - “Kolkata is like a huge labyrinthine courtyard where an ongoing theatre performance unfolds,” says ace photographer Saibal Das.