Raghu Rai

Indian Express - Raghu Rai - 6 March, 2013
Raghu Rai - Raghu Rai's brilliance on view

by Javed Raja

The Design Gallery on NID saw a number of photo enthusiasts streaming in to have a look at the brilliance of Raghu Rai on Monday at the preview of his photography exhibition….

DNA - Raghu Rai - 6 March, 2013
Raghu Rai - City thrives on divers arts

by DNA

The flavour in the city these days is ART….

DNA - Raghu Rai - 6 March, 2013
Raghu Rai - Picture speak 1000 words

by Vasundhara Joshi

One of the India’s acclaimed photographer and photojournalist, Padmashree award recipient Raghu Rai, has an assortment of his works on display at the National Institute of Design, Paldi….

Times of India - Raghu Rai - 6 March, 2013
Raghu Rai - Reel spirituality on show for shutterbugs

by Runa Mukherjee-Parikh

What better way to inspire photography students than display some of the best works of the best in India?….

DNA - Raghu Rai - 3 March, 2013
Raghu Rai - Caputring emotions through lens !

by Priya Adhyaru-Majithia

Trained as a civil engineer and photo artist by passion, Padmashree recipient Raghu Rai is among the selected few photographers who have deliberately remained focussed on the universality of Indian life and its many cultures….

The Leela Magazine - Raghu Rai - Spring, 2013
Raghu Rai - Man and the moment

by The Leela Magazine

Celebrated lensman Raghu Rai brings you face to face with divine moments in everyday life through an exhibition organised by Tasveer and Vacheron Constantin

Deccan Chronicle - Raghu Rai - 14 January, 2013
Raghu Rai - In tune with life's rhythms

by Marta Jakimowicz

The title of Raghu Rai’s latest exhibition at Tasveer (December 13 to 31) was ” Divine Moments”.

On the obvious plane this could be associated with the not too numerous presences of godly images captured around ritualistic circumstance but immersed in the normalcy of life in the happening…. 

Imperia - Raghu Rai - January, 2013
Raghu Rai - His Divine Moments

by Benaifer J. Mirza

If not a photographer, I would have been a good maali (gardener) or perhaps a singer or musician, as these are my other interests.” says the super-talented, humorous and humble Raghu Rai, who was craved a niche for himself and India on the global map of photography….

Metrolife - Deccan Chronicle - Raghu Rai - 18 December, 2012
Raghu Rai - Preserving the past for the future

by Deccan Chronicle

A special preview of Raghu Rai’s ‘ Divine Moments’, a collection of some of the photographs shot by him across the country, was exhibited at Tasveer,….

DNA - Raghu Rai - 18 December, 2012
Raghu Rai - Divinity in stillness

by DNA

The invite got us to sit up and take notice when it mentioned that the legendary photographer Raghu Rai would be present for the special preview of his iconic black and white images….