Andreas Volwahsen

Indian Express Delhi - Andreas Volwahsen- 4 March 2022
Andreas Volwahsen - Looking into the Past

by Debesh Banerjee

As a young student travelling through India in the 50's, Andreas Volwahsen was "overwhelmed by the immense wealth of forms, decorative ornaments and sculpture" in Indian Architecture...

Midday Mumbai - Andreas Volwahsen - 2 December 2021
Andreas Volwahsen - Iconic India
Midday Mumbai

Andreas Volwahsen's fascination for the Indian subcontinent began while studying at the Technical University of Munich in the 1960s...

Arts Illustrated - Andreas Volwahsen - November 2013
Andreas Volwahsen - Living Moments
Arts Illustrated

Andreas Volwahsen is a celebrated architectural historian. His quest to explore the architectural heritage of India led him to study and thereon photograph India's rich architectural legacy...

Taj City Guide - Andreas Volwahsen - 7 November 2021
Andreas Volwahsen - An Architectural Marvel
Taj City Guide

An exhibition by German photographer Andreas Volwahsen documents intricate details of ancient Indian architecture...

Home & Design Trends, The Gallery: Andreas Volwahsen - Tasveer - November 2013
Andreas Volwahsen - The Gallery: Andreas Volwahsen, Living Architecture, Tasveer India

by Amanda Peters

Tasveer presents German Historian Andreas Volwahsen's exploration of Indian heritage sites....