Luxpresso - Maimouna Guerresi - 3 April, 2013
Maïmouna Guerresi - Don't Miss:

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The ”Made in Italy” ethos that define luxury goods company Tod’s ant their commitment to promoting the arts, is what drew Italian photographer, sculptor and video installation artist Patrizia Maimouna Guerresi to the brand….. 

Luxpresso - Raghu Rai - 18, September, 2012
Raghu Rai - Delhi Gets a First Look at the Vacheron Constantin & Raghu Rai Exhibition

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There ain’t much that can stop the ticking clock, but why not seize the opportunity to capture a special moment for eternity,….

Luxpresso - Raghu Rai - 29 August, 2013
Raghu Rai - Vacheron Constantin Celebrates Divine Moments by Raghu Rai

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The world’s oldest Swiss Haute Horlogerie, Vacheron Constantin will support the art of photography through the celebration of ”Divine Moments” captured by Raghu Rai,….