Jaideep Sen

TimeOut - Delhi - Maimouna Guerresi - 12 October, 2012
Maïmouna Guerresi - Art of faith

by jaideep Sen

Patrizia Maimouna Guerresi to capture Indian spirituality in her Portraits….

Time Out Bengaluru - October 12 - 25, 2012
Derry Moore - Derry products

by Jaideep Sen

Three-click-deep search on the internet will reveal to you that the Third Marquess of Drogheda, Henry Moore, was a bit of a Falstaffian figure: slightly rotund and seemingly jovial….

Time Out - Maimouna Guerresi - 12 October, 2012
Maïmouna Guerresi - Patrizia Maimouna Guerresi seeks to capture Indian spirituality in her portrait

by Jaideep Sen

Much of Patrizia Maimouna Guerresi’s practice is shaped by her conversion to Islam in 1991. The Italian artist, who works with photography, video and sculpture,….

Norman Parkinson - Time Out Mumbai - 27 April, 2012
Norman Parkinson - Colour contrast

by Jaideep Sen

Incongruity and irony are twin themes in Pink is the Navy Blue of India, an exhibition of photographs by Norman Parkinson….

Swapan Nayak - Time Out - Bengaluru, 13 April, 2012
Swapan Nayak - Raider of the lost dark

by Jaideep Sen

Swapan Nayak’s retrospections are like most reference to things distant and in the past-dim, nebulous and hard to decipher….

Time Out - 17 Feburary, 2012
Norman Parkinson - Fuchsia's sake

by Jaideep Sen

Its as much a study of the colour pink, as it is the one photograph that is emblematic of the new exhibition Pink is the Navy Blue of India, at Tasveer….

Time Out - Mumbai, 3 - 16 February, 2012
Seeing red

by Jaideep Sen

At Chinese Photography Now, a new show at Tasveer, co-curator Nathaniel Gaskell (along with Abhishek Poddra) has brought togeather six chinese artiss and their works of photo-art….

Ofoto - Time Out - 9 December, 2012
Red between the lines

by Jaideep Sen

As perilous as the whip of censorship and proscription looms over artists in China, there appears to be an equally unfortunate air of apprehension about Chinese art….

Time Out - Bangalore 30 September, 2011
Nicholas Vreeland - Buddha Fest

by Jaideep Sen

A new show of photographs unravels the world inside a Buddhist monastery in a small Uttara Kannada town says Jaideep Sen. In 1985, when Nicholas Vreeland was 31, the Buddhist Scholar Khyongia Rato Rinpoche advised him to move to Uttara Kannada and join the order of the monks…

Time Out - Mumbai 13 September, 2011
Karen Knorr - Menagerie tour

by Jaideep Sen

Karen Knorr challenges palace photography with help from birds and beasts, finds Jaideep Sen….