Giridhar Khasnis

Deccan Chronicle, Karl Blossfeldt, 26 October 2021
Karl Blossfeldt - The Nature of Art

by Giridhar Khasnis

Karl Blossfeldt’s portfolio of plant studies continues to influence both conventional and conceptual photographers to this day. Giridhar Khasnis writes about the photographer, who witnessed art in nature.

Deccan Herald - Michael Kenna, 15 September, 2013
Michael Kenna - Minimalist clicks

by Giridhar Khasnis

 British-born photographer Michael Kenna uses the analogy of a theatre stage to explain his approach to image-making…. 

Sunday Herald - Derry Moore - 28 October, 2012
Derry Moore - A passage to India

by Giridhar Khasnis

It is clearly a posed picture. It features an elderly couple in a typical Madras home - with its neatly swept floor, multiple doors and hanging photograph, presumably of a deceased ancestor….