Blouin Artinfo - Maharaja - 29 March, 2012
A Royal Treat

The portraits reveal more than India’s regal past, and Tasveer, an organization dedicated to promoting photography, rightfully places the show within the context of the country’s early experiments with the lens….

Maharaja - Deccan Herald - 30 January, 2012
Staging innate grandeur

by Marta Jakimowicz

Maharajas at Tasveer brings a charming as well as perceptive array of royal portraits in photography….

Maharajas - Times of India - 27 January, 2012
A journey into the past

by Sharanya CR

Old photographs are undoubtedly priceless and when it comes to country’s precious old pictures, its even more precious….

Maharaja - The Hindu - 26 january, 2012
Face of royalty

by Harshini Vakkalanka

Exhibition A Journey into the Time of the Maharajas lets you take a peek at royalty as much as it does early photography in India….

Maharaja - Time Out - Bangalore 18 January, 2012
Indian Kings

by Nergish Sunavala

In the early decades of photography, only people had the pleasure of seeing their likeness captured, let alone framed and hung on the wall….

Maharaja - Bangalore Mirror - 18 January. 2012
Snapshots from history

by Pratima Chabbi

A Journey into the time of Maharajas depicts princely India and a historical record of an age we will never experience again….

Maharajas - Deccan Chronicle - 14 January, 2012
Journey into the times of Maharajas

by Darshana Ramdev

Grandeur and resplendence were once the lavish denizens of India’s cultural heritage. A thousand years ago…. 

Maharajas - Indulge - 13 January, 2012
The time machine

by SR

If you step into Tasveer Art Gallery, between January 18 and February 9, you’ll probably feel as though you are hobnobbing with royalty….

JetWings - December - 2011
Ajournry into the time of Maharajas

An evocation of princely India, the photographs in this exhibition are historical record of an an age we’ll never experience again…. 

Maharajas - PHOTO - 19 December, 2011

Tasveer, le principal réseau de galeries photographiques en Inde, présente
à Ahmedabad son exposition itinérante de portraits de maharajas. L’historien
indien E. Jaiwant Paul les décrit ainsi: