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Magnum Ke Tasveer

Deccan Herald - Magnum Ke Tasveer 10 March, 2013
India - through the lens

by Monideepa Sahu

Magnum photographers' vision of India is reflected in their images. Though India's colour and light are cited as an inspiration to these photographers, their work reveals much more than its surface beauty,….

Hindu - Magnum Ke Tasveer - 21 February, 2013
Many faces of India

by Harshini Vakkalanka

Long after stepping out of the exhibition "Magnum Ke Tasveer: Magnum's Vision of India", a collaboration between Magnum, a photographic cooperative, and Tasveer,....

New Indian Express - Magnum ke Tasveer -15 February, 2013
East meets West

by Shefali Rao

PHOTOGRAPHY greats like Werner Bischof, Marilyn Silverstone, Abbas, Olivia Arthur, Steve  McCurry and our very own Raghu Rai, have all together well,....

Time Out Bangalore - Magnum Ke Tasveer - 15 February, 2013
Magnum Photographers

by Nergish Sunavala

Photography exhibition, Magnum ke Tasveer, will take visitors on a whirlwind tour of India. From ubiquitous Rajasthani imagery of colorful turbans and twirled moustaches to a tranquil scene of Buddhist nuns reading sacred text in Uttar Pradesh-....

Bangalore Mirror - Magnum Ke Tasveer - 11 February, 2013

by Jayanthi Madhukar

Magnum Ke Tasveer is the latest show of Tasveer in their bid t showcase some of the finest photographs from reputed international photo agency....

Jet Wings - Magnum Ke Tasveer - October, 2012

Eight renowned photographers, 50 years of documentation and one big country-we bring you a selection from the ongoing exhibition 'Magnum ke Tasveer'.

BBC - Magnum ke Tasveer - 23 September 2021
In pictures: Visions of India

Two exhibitions, organized by Delhi-based arts organization Tasveer, showcase the work of some of the world's best photographers on India....

Financial World - Mangum Ke Tasveer - 17 September, 2012
Colours, Lights, Diversity & Complexity Of India

INDIA'S COLOURS and light are cited as an inspiration to many. And if you're a photographer, then even more so.....

Bangalore Mirror - Magnum, 3 September, 2012
Acts of possession

by Anindita Sengupta

A boy's face stares out from the canvas, wholly red with Holi colour. The gaze is direct, almost challenging and casts uneasy light on the nature of both photographed and photographed but also beyond that,....

Verve - Magnum Ke Tasveer - September, 2012
Documenting India

In the Magnum Ke Tasveer, Magnum's Vision of India... the last 50 years, relive the magic of the country seen through the eyes of eight Magnum photographers....