Hikari: Contemporary Photography from Japan

The Hindu - Hikari - 24 April, 2013
The world of light

by Harshini Vakkalanka

TALK Tokihiro Sato wanted to build a world that is only visible in the photography, since, he says, what the human eye sees and what the camera sees are different….

Bangalore Mirror - Hikari - 18 April, 2013
A 'light' show from Japan

by Bangalore Mirror

Take a walk through this gallery to catch Hikari: ‘Contemporary Photography from Japan’. This exhibition explores the nation of ‘Hikari’ (the Japanese word for light) in contemporary photography,….

Time Out Bangalore - Hikari - 12th-25th - April, 2013
Stand and stair

by Sonam Joshi

As a focus for a show of photography, “light” is a fairly open-ended theme. After all, light is photography’s one necessary element - whether reacting with sensitive chemicals layered on metal or glass plates for the earliest blurry images,….

Bangalore Mirror - Hikari - 29 March, 2013

by Jayanthi Madhukar

The term Japanese evokes a lot of imagery, especially in the context of fine art. And what could possibly be better than exploring the aesthetics of Japanese photography through the works of its contemporary photographers?….

DNA - Hikari - 8 February, 2013
Play of light & lens

by Hina Nainani

Japanese photographers introduce light as a concept of science & metaphor in photography….

Times of India - Hikari - 6 February, 2013
Let there be light

by Times of India

Light - a source of energy for the entire universe - is a photographer’s top resource….

The Bengal Post - Hikari - 3 February, 2013
Discovering the essence of a culture

by Farah Khatoon

A freelance photographer based in Tokyo, Japan, Shiho Kito, was mesmerised by the landscape of Ahmedabad during her stay in the city….

andpersand - Hikari, August - September - 2012
Let there be light

Light removes darkness and reveals facts. But it can also hide and guard, as in the works of contemporary Japanese photographer Shiho Kito….

Femina - Hikari - 8 September, 2012
Contemporary Photography from Japan

The photographs in this exhibition presented by Luxure Louis Philippe and Tasveer, display photographs as a contemporary art form….

Sunday Guardian, Hikari - 19 August, 2012
A masterclass in light and shadow

by Nidhi Gupta

Tokihiro Sato’s 1992 photograph titled #170, Manji, would be just another ordinary black and white shot of vacant, empty house on the middle of nowhere,….