Srikanth Kolari - Biography

Sri is an accidental photographer. He hails from Thrissur in Kerala, but as a 14-year-old shifted base to Chennai. He had earned a sports scholarship there and he used that as an ‘excuse’ to leave home and leave behind the disturbing memories. He was training to be an athlete but an injury when 19 forced him to quit sports. For the next few years he wandered aimlessly, although he had registered himself for a BA in History at the Madras Christian College. History surely was not his calling. When he confessed this to a friend he initiated him to industrial photography. He was nearly bored to death with it. Then he worked as an assistant to a wildlife photographer, where he says he made some progress with his photographic skills. He did not hang on there for long either, he took to fashion photography because livelihood issues had cropped up by then. When he turned 25 a fancy idea struck him: That he should lead a ‘normal’ life. By which he meant he should marry, arrange for a monthly salary and settle down. He did meet a charming Croatian dancer for a partner and landed up with a job in Outlook, the national newsmagazine. But within two years he knew he was a freer spirit and could not stick to a given framework. He quit his job and began to travel with his wife across the world on a self-discovery trip and soon saw himself being led to the threshold of what you see exhibited here.

Srikanth Kolari’s photography focuses on a wide range of social, political and economic issues such as the struggles of seasonal migrant workers, children in India, AIDS sufferers and their families, sex workers … His work is exhibited in India, Italy and Cambodia.