Serena Chopra


Serena Chopra (b. 1953, India) is a graduate in English Literature and Mass Communication. She was an entrepreneur for 20 years till in 2004 she returned to work with her twin passions—photography and journalism. Her first body of work on Bhutan led to solo shows in New Delhi, Bhuta and New York. A monograph of this work was published in 2007, and a wider selection from it was published in conjunctions with extracts from her personal journals — as The Ancients by Academic Foundation.

Serena has also explored the lives and times, truths and realities of resident Tibetan exiles who have made Majnu ka Tilla, their home away from home in Delhi; she has participated in a photo exhibition at the Bonjour India Festival (2013) showcasing the remnants of a past French heritage in Chandernagore; she has photographed Naga sadhus at the Kumbh Mela (2010) in Haridwar and during Shivratri (2013) in Varanasi. She has also produced Along the Ganga, a picture notebook, that forms a narrative of her personal journey.