David Trattles

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Carl Rumbolt, Green Point, Newfoundland. Carl has six sons, five of whom have left the province. Through the door of his house, he points to where his two daughters live. He tips his head when cars pass by. He has supper waiting when a stranger drops in. He owns all the time in the world. He asks if you're staying in the area awhile. He senses curiosity and leisurely relates the old stories. He makes tea when the pot goes cold. His eyes flicker as he reminisces. He looks often to the sky. He shows off his cabin, inside and out. He drives a truck, has a camper in a gravel pit. Carl used to fish, but doesn't much anymore, For many years he was working just off Broom Point. He says, "Here from 1941 to 1975 it was the three Mudge brothers.... Tom, Alex and Steve....with their working wives, Nellie, Lizzie and Winnie. I joined them from 1956 on." Carl still keeps busy. He now works part-time as a Parks Canada interpreter at the restored Mudge family cabin and fish store. Each day he tells visitors how the fish were caught, split, salted and dried on the rocks. There was no road for a long time, so the catch was sent by boat to Bonne Bay to be sold. "That was the life of the fishery, as it was all on the west coast of Newfoundland." At Broom Point, we walk past the Mudge store and Carl's cabin ("rebuilt in 1956 'cause the wind took the other one away"), and onto the slipway. He looks up: 40 years of fishing in these waters. "I'll be back next summer."

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