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Caperay lighthouse

Cape Ray Lighthouse Queens( Anne Osmond, Marjorie Osmond, Yvonne MacDougall, Cynthia Anderson), Cape Ray, Newfoundland. A furious wind blasts the point of Cape Ray, causing four women near the lighthouse, to turn their backs to it. Close to them there is nothing but laughter. Anne does most of the talking. "We had, most of us, about twenty years in this fish plant, until it closed in 1994. “All those years. Now we're back together, fixing up this old lighthouse. Tourists like these old places, so it'll be good for Cape Ray. We did it, along with nine others. I mean the sanding, the rebuilding, just about everything. A bit of outside help on the roof, and buckets of sweat and donated paint. Let's go in from that wind. So, what do you think?" Inside, the finish is proof of effort. Walls have been removed or partitioned, ceilings re-plastered, kitchen retiled, bathroom re-modelled. New windows give grand views of the grey sea and dark mountains. Inside, rooms glow with a dusty rose paint. But the jewel of the lighthouse is its varnished floor. I stare at the glossy finish. "Ahhh," says Anne slowly, "Yes, it’s the floor that the women did." They are all looking down now, quiet and smiling. To get a better look, I move to step onto the floor..... but Anne yells sharply. "There will be no boots in there."

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