David Trattles

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Cowboy - Alberta

Cowboy, Calgary. My introduction was by way of being lassooed, from behind. He grinned apologeticallly: " I am a cowboy." He gave me a business card: Franz Horst. German. He explains: " Yes. In my country, you are born you work you live you work you die. No life! But here - he waved to the frontier of the plains and distant mountains. Yes. Here you can be a real cowboy." He untied me. "You have camera? You want to make photo? We go to the rooftops." On the way up, he says he is 69 years old. He is hired by the city of Calgary to be a cowboy - for tourists. You know that when he gets up in the morning, and pulls on the red boots and red shirt, he is living his dream. We arrive on the roof of Calgary. He tips his hat to one side and puts on an open range smile. "Now, I show you how a real cowboy jumps lasso…”

  • Gelatin Silver Print
  • Open
  • 19 x 13 inches