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Court brothers

The Court Brothers, Rustico, Prince Edward Island. Father Beacher died at 98; named his boys Vance, Quinton, Veard and Emard. Said life was for fishing, and Sunday was for church. No place for women. So they still live together in the same house they were born in. At the dinner table, we hold hands for prayer, and then fish is served. All talk is either the sea, or the fish - they've never done anything else. Quinton reaches across for some salt. Vance drops his knife and fork. "Quinton, did you just reach across Dave for salt?" Quinton recovers: "Sorry, I should have asked for it to be passed." We continue. I wonder out loud if Francis is coming fishing with us the next morning. Veard says: "He's been drinking an awful lot for a little fellah." Now it's Quinton's turn: " If you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all." "Remember what pop said." Whenever you show up, the Court brothers ask: "How long can you stay?" When you leave they ask: "So, when are you coming back?"

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