Ryan Lobo - War and Forgiveness

War and Forgiveness combines three projects by Ryan Lobo, taken throughout 2007, in the troubled countries of Iraq, Afghanistan and Liberia. Ryan immersed himself in the stories of the people in these places and during his visits he took photographs and kept a detailed journal of his thoughts and experiences  - excerpts of which are being published as a catalogue to accompany his exhibition with Tasveer.

Ryan is also one of the producers for the documentary film "The redemption of General Butt Naked" and his photographs in Liberia were taken during his time in Liberia making this film. Entirely self funded, Ryan with Eric, Daniele Anastasion and Ryan Hill, the cinematographer headed down to Monrovia, the capital of the war torn West African nation of Liberia to shoot a film on Joshua Milton Blahyi, formerly known as “General Butt Naked” and his "quest for redemption".

Joshua Milton Blahyi, aka General Butt Naked, murdered, raped and mutilated thousands during Liberia's horrific 14-year civil war. He personally claims to have been responsible for more than 20,000 deaths. Today this once brutal warlord has renounced his violent past and reinvented himself as Evangelist Joshua Milton Blahyi.  The photographs in this exhibition follow Blahyi's quest to apparently redeem himself, as he attempts to reconcile with victims and rehabilitate the former child soldiers who once committed the most horrific crimes for him. Ryan's photographs in Liberia present a portrait of the extraordinarily complex personal odyssey of Joshua Milton Blahyii, and they explore both the power and the limitations of faith, redemption and forgiveness.


Exhibition schedule:

Kolkata - 22 July - 01 August 2021

Mumbai - 24 September - 04 October 2021

Bangalore - 26 February - 11 March 2022

Delhi - 19 April - 03 May 2022