Swapan Nayak | Gilles Bensimon - Gardens of the Mind

As part its 10th anniversary, Tasveer brings together for the first time the works of Indian artist, Swapan Nayak and French fashion and lifestyle photographer, Gilles Bensimon, in an exhibition that juxtaposes two very different approaches to photographing elements of the natural world.

Gilles Bensimon, former art director of Elle, makes a significant departure from his earlier figurative oeuvre in his series Watercolour, featured here. Fascinated by the beauty of flowers, and by their associations with myriad varieties of cultural expression around the world, he both literally and metaphorically submerged himself – and volumes of freshly cut blooms – into pools of water to create amazing blossoms of colour. The resulting images present a range of wonderful palettes and blurring the lines of abstraction and representation, yield a new perspective on the traditional notions associated with the depiction of the flower in art.

Bensimon’s photographs bursting with colour and a refractive-glossiness, are a stark contrast to Swapan Nayak’s black and white minimalist imagery. Nayak, a former photojournalist, also examines the natural world, and its intimate association to transformation. Made over a span of three years, in Eastern and North Eastern India, his series Radha: A Love in Eternity also breaks away from simple representation, producing the known and familiar and new, graphic ways. Intended to be an exploration of purity, the nature of the self, of consciousness, the profound and the divine, this series was inspired by his reading of Vaishanava Padabali, a nearly 700 year old Bengali text, that narrates the very popular Hindu myth, of Radha and Krishna and their eternal love. In many ways, this series also froms a lateral progression from Nayak’s earlier Being and Nothingness, that was inspired by Satre’s text of the same name and involved a quest for the truth.

Providing a unique opportunity in the study of photographic method and practice, this exhibition through its juxtaposition of two distinct aesthetic styles highlights the diversity offered by the photographic medium in interpreting and re-presenting reality.

Exhibition Schedule


21 August - 31 August 2021

The Harrington Street Arts Centre
8 Ho Chi Minh Sarini 
Harrington Mansions 2nd Floor
Flat no.5 & 25B
Kolkata 700071 
Monday to Saturday 12.00 pm - 7.00 pm


15 October - 14 November 2021

Sua House
26/1 Kasturba Cross Road
Bangalore - 560001
Monday to Saturday 10:00am - 5:30pm



05 February - 16 February 2022

National Institute of Design
Design Gallery, Paldi
Ahmedabad 380007
Daily 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm 


25 February - 17 March 2022

F 35/36, Dhanraj Mahal
C.S.M. Marg, Apollo Bunder
Mumbai- 400 001

New Delhi

31 March - 15 April 2022

Gallery Art Motif
A1/178 Safdarjung Enclave, 4th Floor
New Delhi, Delhi - 110029
Monday to Saturday 10:00am - 6:00pm