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TRIPE, Major-General Linnaeus. (1822 – 1902).| Bio Notes

An amateur photographer in the Madras army, Tripe probably took up photography in the late 1840’s and served as official photographer with the British Mission to the court of Ava in 1855, during which he produced a portfolio of 120 views of Burmese architecture and landscape. From 1856 – 1858 he was presidency photographer in Madras, producing architectural views, which later appeared in the following publications, all issued in 1858: Photographic Views of Poodoocottah (10 plates), Photographic Views of Ryakotta and other places in the Salem District (10 plates), Photographic Views of Seringham (9 plates), Photographic Views in Tanjore
and Trivady (23 plates), Stereographs of Madura (70 plates), Stereographs of Trichinopoly (70 plates).