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SHEPHERD, Charles and ROBERTSON, James
(1860’s) | Bio Notes

Charles Shepherd is known to have been commercially active as a photographer from at least 1858 when he collaborated with Robert Tytler in taking a portrait of Bahadur Shah, the ex-king of Delhi. The partnership of Shepherd and Robertson lasted only from about 1862 – 1863, with studios first at Agra and then Simla. James Robertson was mainly known for his work in the Crimea, Turkey and wider Mediterrenean. During this year together, Shepherd and Robertson created an extensive collection of topographical and ethnographical studies of northern India. In 1863 the partnership was dissolved when Charles Shepherd moved to Simla to join Samuel Bourne in the firm of Bourne and Shepherd. A number of Shepherd and Robertson’s studies of racial types became part of the Bourne and Shepherd catalogue. Shepherd appears to have left India by about 1878