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SACHÉ John Edward (1824 – 1882).| Bio Notes

Travelling from the United States, Saché arrived in Calcutta in late 1864. He entered into partnership with W. F. Westfield in 1865, based at 15 Waterloo Street, and became a member of the Bengal Photographic Society. The same year, the firm Saché and Westfield won the Silver Medal for the second best series of ‘at least 10 photographs’ at the annual exhibition of the society. The firm was also commissioned by the Asiatic Society of Bengal to photograph a group of Andamanese people, who had been brought by a Mr Homfray to Calcutta as part of an ethnographical study. In 1866 Saché and Westfield also received a bronze medal at the annual exhibition of the Bengal Photographic Society. In 1869 the firm was to incorporate the negative stock of the firm F.W.Baker & Co. into its catalogue. While remaining in partnership with Westfield, Saché opened his own independent studio in Nainital in 1867. Saché subsequently went into partnership with Mr J Murray for a short period, with a studio on Rampart Row in Bombay. Together they produced some unusual views of the Marble Rocks at Jabalpur. The same year Saché made an expedition into the Himalayas, trekking through to Pir Panjal glacier. By 1870 he had ended his partnership with Westfield and concentrated on his own business in Nainital. He travelled widely in northern India and his Lucknow studio opened in 1871. In 1873-74 he made a series of views in Kashmir which were to be the last topographical views he made. Between 1874 and 1876 seasonally operating studios were opened in Meerut, Cawnpore and Benares. Saché started another branch of his business in 1876 in Mussoorie and continued to manage it, along with the studios at Nainital and Lucknow, until his death in 1882.