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David Trattles
Over the past few years I have produced photographic essays on Muslim women boxers of Calcutta, rural Newfoundlanders, urban Inuit of Ottawa, and unemployed Germans living as full-time cowboys in eastern Germany. The work has a unifying theme: marginalized groups who manage to preserve an identity, and move forwards within the mainstream of an increasingly globalized culture.

"Out There" is a natural progression to this theme. It is a very general photoessay about some aspects of life in rural Canada - the aspect of Canada short on history and raw with geography. The phrase "out there" can have two senses: it can imply a remote geographical distance; it also refers to behaviour that is unique - the legacy of Canada is woven from the fabric of unconventional people.

Although it is often said that Canada has no identity, the truest sense of Canada can be felt as a frontier - and so, from rural out there, in the second largest country in the world, almost 4 million square miles in size, with a 151,000 mile border .
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