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Vinay Mahidhar

Vinay Mahindhar is one of the artists in Tasveer's first group show titled '5 x 8' wherein five photographers exhibit eight photographs each.

The other photographers are

Mahesh Shantaram  
Rajib De  
Sudharak Olwe  
Zubin Pastakia  

The people in these portraits look like they belong to another era.  For the people of our generation it is an era that just passed us by yesterday.  Mahidhar’s careful picking of remnants of a bygone time, speaks very meaningfully of a sense of loss and perhaps the beauty that lies within the idea of loss.  These pictures are at once melancholic and beautiful.  “Beautiful” – because these people, belong to a hazy distance in our black and white memories, and Mahidhar’s effect points at the fact that their worlds still lurk somewhere in our peripheral visions.

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