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Saibal Das-1960 | Biography

Saibal Das (b.1960) based in Kolkata, is not a photographer by chance, but has been handling the camera since his childhood days. He has inherited the love for photography from his father who also had lifelong loyalty towards the mesmerizing medium of light and shadow.

Saibal has been working with a number of known publications like the ABP, India Today, and Outlook since his early days. He is an internationally acclaimed visual chronicler and has won numerous accolades in his field like the UNESCO award and the National Media Fellowship from National Foundation for India (NFI).

He has traveled extensively to countries like Afghanistan, China, Japan, Bangladesh etc. to document important events and his work has been exhibited and acclaimed in India (Delhi, Bombay, Bangalore, Kolkata) and internationally (China and Japan).

Saibal's current project of visually recording Chitpore, the most vibrant road of Kolkata, has already attracted much attention and accolade and has also been published in the prestigious GEO magazine. He is much in love with the city which has remained an infinite source of inspiration to him for many years and intends to depict her various moods.