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Pedro Meyer
Global sponsors of Heresies

The project Heresies is a retrospective of one of the most innovative artists of the world, comprising five decades of photographic work. The exhibition “Heresies: a retrospective by Pedro Meyer” will open simultaneously in nearly 60 museums around the world in October, 2008, and it will be a major breakthrough in the way photographic work is exhibited.

Five years ago, the idea for the Heresies was born, when Centro de la Imagen, in Mexico City, proposed to organize a retrospective of Mexican photographer Pedro Meyer. What kind of exhibition could be made to represent all of his work or at least a meaningful part of it? The question was responded with an imaginative answer by the always visionary Pedro Meyer, who decided to undertake a project in which all his photographic work, made throughout five decades, would be online and was to be exhibited using electronic media.
More than 300,000 images, both analog and digital, and nearly 2,500 documents
regarding the professional career of Pedro Meyer, were uploaded and cross-referenced in 20 different themes so researchers and photographers1 could use them for their curatorships to produce digital galleries. These curatorships would later become the basis for the selection of images that was made available for the participating Museums that later would perform their own curatorships.

Nearly 60 museums worldwide will simultaneously exhibit in October, 2008 "Heresies: a retrospective by Pedro Meyer". Heresies will challenge the limits of current photographic exhibitions by mixing large format prints with new technological elements, such as digital galleries that integrate audio, text and images; the use of the iPhone and the iPod for downloading videos and audio, and the interaction between the participant museums, as well as between the museums and their visitors. Finally, the usage of Pedro Meyer’s archival database will prompt further discussion and a deep reflection about the use of the technology for research purposes; the dissemination of the photographic archives and an extensive educational program that will contribute, by means of conferences, round tables and workshops, to the analysis of photography from the perspective of its constant technological development and social impact.

Pedro Meyer

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