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Tim Hall | Artist’s Statements

Tim Hall

“Now more than ever, nature is reminding us
of its presence and power.” TIM HALL

This series of photographs, specially commissioned for the Aurelio hotel, was shot during the winter and spring of 2008. All the pictures were taken in the surrounding hills, valleys and villages of this exclusive resort nestled in the heart of Lech, Austria.

As a photographer, skier and lover of the natural world, the task of capturing the beauty of the area was one I embraced with much enthusiasm. My main objective was to try and portray with fresh eyes, the power, scale and soul of the mountains and to transpose that image onto paper. For an observer, the ski resort provides a feast for the eyes with its constantly flowing rhythm of climbing and descending bodies. I am always fascinated by man’s place in nature and his desire to conquer it by whatever means possible- this is as true today as it ever has been. The mountains are an environment where we are physically challenged like nowhere else. I have tried to encapsulate the power of nature through the huge skies and vast landscapes that I encountered here. I hope that these pictures in some way can act as kind of meditation for the viewer and take them on a journey, beyond the hills, to a more personal space.