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“Tasveer, photograph, an idea, a moment in time.”

Tasveer is an organization committed to the art of photography and photography as art.

Dedicated to promoting and showcasing contemporary photography, Tasveer has created a network of galleries between Bangalore, Delhi, kolkata and Mumbai.

India’s up-and-coming as well as established photographers will be exhibited at these galleries. Creative excellence and originality will be the only criteria determining Tasveer’s selection of exhibits.

Tasveer will encourage the buying and selling of photographs to individuals, cultural organizations, museums and corporations interested in investing in photography as an art form.

Tasveer’s website and the range of catalogues it plans to publish will ensure that photography attains the recognition it deserves on a national and international level.

Tasveer’s goal is also to represent its artists within the context of photography festivals and art fairs so that the work of photographers receives worldwide attention.

By archiving and documenting works of photography, Tasveer will maintain an evolving digital archive of photographic images through its website and at its galleries.