Karen Knorr

TimeOut, Bengaluru - Karen Knorr - 8 November 2021
Karen Knorr - Creature Comforts
TimeOut, Bengaluru

by Akhila Seetharaman

Karen Knorr's images highlight the gap between nature and culture...

Bangalore Mirror - Karen Knorr - 29 October 2021
Karen Knorr - Look! Tiger in a Temple
Bangalore Mirror

by Jayanthi Madhukar

American photographer Karen Knorr's exhibition of photographs showcases Indian monuments and animals in all their unique glory....

The Sunday Guardian - Karen Knorr - 29 September 2021
Karen Knorr - Myth, fables & reality in Knorr's ode to India
The Sunday Guardian

by Nidhi Gupta

In acclaimed photographer Karen Knorr's newest series of photographs, the animal kingdom has invaded India's most recognisable heritage sites....

Marwar India - Karen Knorr, September, 2012
Karen Knorr - The cultural documentor

by Nirati Agarwal

When Abhishek Poddar first heard about American photographer Karen Knorr from Anna Fox, a critically acclaimed British and friend,....

livemint.com - Karen Knorr, 5 October, 2011
Karen Knorr - Natures invasion

by Pavitra Jayaraman

Britain-based photographer Karen Knorr is exhibiting works from two of the series, Fables (2003-2008) and India Song (2008-2010) in show titled Transmigration in Bangalore....

Time Out - Mumbai 13 September, 2011
Karen Knorr - Menagerie tour

by Jaideep Sen

Karen Knorr challenges palace photography with help from birds and beasts, finds Jaideep Sen....

Karen Knorr - The Bengal Post - March 17, 2022
Karen Knorr - March 17, 2022

Dwindling Space - For Photographer Karen Knorr, watching an elephant walk down a road amounts to a mystical experience...

Karen Knorr - Art Etc - February 2011
Karen Knorr - February 10, 2022

Interviews - A conversation with Karen Knorr

Karen Knorr - Mail Today - January 28, 2022
Karen Knorr - January 28, 2022

'Making' images with Photoshop - Growing up in the lap of nature in the Caribbean Islands, it was hardly surprising....