Sebastian Cortes

Melange, The Hindu, Sebastian Cortes, January 9th 2016
Sebastian Cortes - A Pictorial Odyssey

by Deepa Alexander

Art photographer Sebastian Cortes talks to Deepa Alexander about capturing the enduring memories and the grand houses of the Bohras of Sidhpur.

Gulf News, Sebastian Cortes, 15 May 2015
Sebastian Cortes - Living spaces that history left behind

by Nilima Pathak

Photographer Sebastian Cortés captures the lingering vintage and architectural symbology in the homes of Sidhpur’s Bohra community

Eat Stay Love, Sebastian Cortes, May 2015
Sebastian Cortes - Sidhpur, Redux | Poetry in Spaces

by Rosalyn D’Mello

Photographer and writer Sebastian Cortés documents yet-existing ancient communities, which are under threat from modern influences, with some sort of religious zeal. His new work, the evocative and beautiful Sidhpur: Time Present Time Past takes us to a remote part of Gujarat, which is home to the prosperous Bohra Muslim community. Through a series of stunning photographs he captures the life and times of this elusive trading community. The carved and painted facades and the delightfully atmospheric interiors of their habitats; the way the past segues into the present through the shared narrative and histories of the inhabitants — it all comes alive in these photographic studies. Cortés, who is Italian by ancestry, was brought up in New York, moved to Milan for a few years, before finding home in the coastal town of Pondicherry on the east coast of India. In conversation with Rosalyn D’Mello.

Verve, Sebastian Cortes, 13 April 2015
Sebastian Cortes - Lost Worlds

by Huzan Tata

In Sidhpur: Time Present Time Past, ace lensman Sebastian Cortés brilliantly captures on camera the grand homes – and past glories – of the Bohra community

Business Standard, Sebastian Cortes, 4 April 2015
Sebastian Cortes - The wonder world of Sidhpur's Bohra mansions

by Rahul Jacob

A photo series by Sebastian Cortes explores the glorious past and rich legacy of the Bohra Muslims of Sidhpur

The Asian Age, Sebastian Cortes, 22 March 2015
Sebastian Cortes - Come and see a little known city

by Somudra Banerjee

American photographer, Sebastian Cortés’ latest work is study of a lesser known Bohra Islamic community. Through his photographs the lensman asks his viewers to look inside the domestic spaces.

Hindustan Times, Sebastian Cortes, 17 March 2015
Sebastian Cortes - The Remains of the Day

by Arundhati Chatterjee

Sidhpur used to be the centre of commerce, but with the passage of time, not much is left of its glorious past. We time travel through American lensman Sebastian Cortes’s visual exploration of the small town in Gujarat.

Deccan Herald, Sebastian Cortes, 5 March 2015
Sebastian Cortes - A peek into the lives of Bohra community

by Azaan Javaid

An exhibition of photographs by Sebastian Cortés provides viewers with a rare insight into the lives of the Bohra Islamic community of Sidhpur in Gujarat.