Ram shergill

Matters of Art, Ram Shergill, 15 January 2015
Ram shergill - Tasveer presents Ram Shergill’s Kaleidoscope in Bengaluru

Matters of Art talks features fashion photographer Ram Shergill’s Kaleidoscope in Bengaluru…

The New Indian Express, Ram Shergill, 9 January 2015
Ram shergill - Following Fashion

by Maegan Dobson Sippy

A homecoming exhibition brings together Ram Shergill’s Indian photogrpahs…

Bangalore Mirror, Ram Shergill, 28 December 2014
Ram shergill - Kaleidoscopic Dreams

by Jayanthi Madhukar

Iconic fashion photographer Ram Shergill’s work straddles the realms of commercial photography and contemporary art. He has exhibited in Parish and London. Jayanthi Madhukar writes on his kaleidoscopic dreams…

Deccan Chronicle, Ram Shergill, 2 November 2014
Ram shergill - A shot of spontaneity

by Nandini D Tripathy

Nandini Tripathy takes a shot at the spontaneity of Ram Shergill…

The Indian Express, Ram Shergill, 28 October 2014
Ram shergill - Of Indian Hues

by Debesh Banerjee

Plagued by poor eyesight from childhood, India-born British fashion photographer Ram Shergill did not let his handicap interfere with his ambition for photography. After being discovered by the late British fashion icon Isabella Blow, Shergill was on the high road to fashion stardom with regular magazine projects with Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Tatler, Dazed and Confused, among others. In his first solo in India titled “Kaleidoscope”, organised by Tasveer Gallery in partnership with Vacheron Constantin, Shergill brings select images from a body of work that he created for designers Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla in 2012. Debesh Banerjee interviews the master lensman…

The Hindu, Ram Shergill, 26 October 2014
Ram shergill - I am happy just to take pictures

by Ramya Sarma

Ram Shergill, one of Britain’s leading fashion photographers, on his work,his Leica and his favourite subject: Dame Judi Dench

Mail Today, Ram Shergill, 25 October 2014
Ram shergill - Lensman Shergill Presents ' Kaleidoscope of Life'

by Ashlin Mathew

Mail Today features lensman Ram Shergill’s kaleidoscopic of life…

The Hindu, Ram Shergill, 19 October 2014
Ram shergill - Driven by Performance

by Shailaja Tripathi

Acclaimed fashion photographer Ram Shergill talks about the drama of his work…

Matters of Art, Ram Shergill, 15 October 2014
Ram shergill - Vacheron Constantin in partnership with Tasveer to exhibit Kaleidoscope by Ram Shergill in the capital

Matters of Art talks about Vacheron Constantin’s partnership with Tasveer in exhibiting Ram Shergill’s Kaleidoscope in the Capital…

The Indian Quarterly, Ram Shergill, October 2014
Ram shergill - Seductive Exposure

British Indian fashion photographer Ram Shergill combines his artistic and cultural influences to stunning effect…