Navroze Contractor

Navroze Contractor - Deccan Herald - August 18,2008
Navroze Contractor - August 18, 2008

Seeing with music – The current exhibition at tasveer brings a
rarely seen selection from the work of the city’s distinguished senior
cinematographer and photographer Navroze Contractor

Navroze Contractor - The Benagluru Pages - August 16-31,2008
Navroze Contractor - August 16, 2008

Jazz on the walls – Jazz is the music of the underdog, of protest, of
experimentation and of gaining freedome

Navroze Contractor - The Bengaluru Pages - August 1 - 15, 2008
Navroze Contractor - August 15, 2008

All that Jazz – Jazz and Photography are as old as each other.
They have a diffrent and more serious predicament compared to the other

Navroze Contractor - Mid Day - August 12, 2008
Navroze Contractor - August 12, 2008

One can’t really stop working – He’s going to be on his way to
Rajasthan very soon, to work on another photography project. But right now,
Navroze Contractor is walking people through his exhibition in the city

Navroze Contractor - Time Out Bengaluru magazine - August 8-21, 2008
Navroze Contractor - August 08, 2008

The monk who sold the world – – Navroze Contractor’s pictures of legendary jazz
musicians are as startling as they are intimate, says Jaideep Sen

Navroze Contractor - Bangalore Mirror- August 6, 2008
Navroze Contractor - August 06, 2008

Listening through the lens – Close proximity to musicians help
navroze get a glimpse of their personal space. Listening Camera brings to you a
peek into their off-stage domain….

Navroze Contractor - The Hindu - August 5, 2008
Navroze Contractor - August 05, 2008

The eye that hears – Navroze Contractor, photographer and jazz
lover is aghast that people don’t know he has been living in Bangalore for the
last 28 years…

Navroze Contractor - The Hindu - July 29, 2008
Navroze Contractor - July 29, 2008

Frames from listening camera – Jazz abd photography are as old
as each other. from other arts, they have a different and more serious