Karen Knorr

TimeOut, Bengaluru - Karen Knorr - 8 November 2013
Karen Knorr - Creature Comforts

by Akhila Seetharaman

Karen Knorr’s images highlight the gap between nature and culture…

Bangalore Mirror - Karen Knorr - 29 October 2013
Karen Knorr - Look! Tiger in a Temple

by Jayanthi Madhukar

American photographer Karen Knorr’s exhibition of photographs showcases Indian monuments and animals in all their unique glory….

The Sunday Guardian - Karen Knorr - 29 September 2013
Karen Knorr - Myth, fables & reality in Knorr's ode to India

by Nidhi Gupta

In acclaimed photographer Karen Knorr’s newest series of photographs, the animal kingdom has invaded India’s most recognisable heritage sites….

Marwar India - Karen Knorr, September, 2012
Karen Knorr - The cultural documentor

by Nirati Agarwal

When Abhishek Poddar first heard about American photographer Karen Knorr from Anna Fox, a critically acclaimed British and friend,….

livemint.com - Karen Knorr, 5 October, 2011
Karen Knorr - Natures invasion

by Pavitra Jayaraman

Britain-based photographer Karen Knorr is exhibiting works from two of the series, Fables (2003-2008) and India Song (2008-2010) in show titled Transmigration in Bangalore….

Time Out - Mumbai 13 September, 2011
Karen Knorr - Menagerie tour

by Jaideep Sen

Karen Knorr challenges palace photography with help from birds and beasts, finds Jaideep Sen….

Karen Knorr - The Bengal Post - March 17, 2011
Karen Knorr - March 17, 2011

Dwindling Space – For Photographer Karen Knorr, watching an elephant walk down a road amounts to a mystical experience…

Karen Knorr - Art Etc - February 2011
Karen Knorr - February 10, 2011

Interviews – A conversation with Karen Knorr

Karen Knorr - Mail Today - January 28, 2011
Karen Knorr - January 28, 2011

‘Making’ images with Photoshop – Growing up in the lap of
nature in the Caribbean Islands, it was hardly surprising….