Christopher Taylor

Bangalore Mirror, Christopher Taylor, 17 May 2015
Christopher Taylor - A Photographic Memory

by Jayanthi Madhukar

Christopher Taylor travelled nine times by train between Mumbai and Kolkata for the love of old buildings in these two grand cities. The result is a series of striking images from the past.

Fountain Ink, Christopher Taylor, 2 January 2015
Christopher Taylor - Housing The Past

The interior spaces of colonial houses in Mumbai and Kolkata.

Fountain Ink - Christopher Taylor - January 2015
Christopher Taylor - Housing the Past

Fountain Ink does a full photo-essay feature on Christopher Taylor’s Institutions…

Hindustan Times, Christopher Taylor, 29 December 2014
Christopher Taylor - Colonial Hangover

by Shweta Mehta Sen

Photographer Christopher Taylor’s show attempts to capture the remnants of British influence across India. Shweta Mehta Sen writes about this colonial hangover…

Mid-Day, Christopher Taylor, 24 December 2014
Christopher Taylor - Grid Lock the Past

by Fiona Fernandez

Time seems to have stood still in Christopher Taylor’s iconic black and white frames that celebrate structures in imperial Bombay and Calcutta, each a silent bystander of an invaluable past. Fiona Fernandez interviews Christopher Taylor…

Asian Age, Christopher Taylor, 17 December 2014
Christopher Taylor - Past Perfect

The Mumbai Age explores Christopher Taylor’s Institutions…

The Hindu, Christopher Taylor, 11 November 2014
Christopher Taylor - Stepping back in history

Christopher Taylor’s Institutions captures the legacy of imperial buildings from a new perspective.

Platform, Christopher Taylor, November 2014
Christopher Taylor - Institutions

Platform features Christopher Taylor’s Institutions…

Christopher Taylor - The Hindu - February 09, 2008
Christopher Taylor - February 09, 2008

Speaking of Spaces – ART –
Christopher Taylor’s photographs are inspired by colonial architecture