Times of India, Bourne & Shepherd, 19th March 2016
Bourne & Shepherd - Bourne Legacy
Times of India

by Shounak Ghosal

Shounak Ghosal takes a look at the Bourne legacy, and Tasveer's Figures in Time: Bourne & Shepherd, on the occasion of the studio's 150th anniversary. 

DNA, Gardens of the Mind, 13th March 2016
Swapan Nayak - Colour Coded Garden

by Ornella D'Souza

Ornella D'Souza reports on Gardens of the Mind: Photographers Swapan Nayak & Gilles Bensimon present two ways of looking at nature in a joint exhibition.

Hindustan Times, Gardens of the Mind, 26th February 2016
Swapan Nayak - The Nature of Things
The Hindustan Times

by Soma Das

Flowers in full bloom or the stark beauty of jungles, two photographers interpret nature in contrasting ways. Soma Das previews Gardens of the Mind,  featuring photographs by Gilles Bensimon & Swapan Nayak.

The New Indian Express, Maharanis: Women of Royal India, 24th February 2016
'Say Cheese,' Your Highness
The New Indian Express

by Express News Service

The New Indian Express reviews Maharanis: Women of Royal India: "Replete with the prevailing mood and opulence of the Maharanis of yore, a collection of rare photographs exhibited at the Tasveer Gallery showcases a slice of their lives."

Deccan Chronicle, Maharanis: Women of Royal India, 21st February 2016
Empresses of Change
Deccan Chronicle

by Rashmi Rajgopal Lobo

Rashmi Rajgopal Lobo features the Maharanis: Women of Royal India book on the eve of the exhibition opening in Bangalore.

BBC, Maharanis: Women of Royal India, 16th February 2016
An Intimate Look at India's Royal Women
BBC (Online)

by BBC News Bureau

The BBC features Maharanis: Women of Royal India, a selection of vintage photographs of royal women from erstwhile Princely India.


Melange, The Hindu, Sebastian Cortes, January 9th 2016
Sebastian Cortes - A Pictorial Odyssey
The Hindu

by Deepa Alexander

Art photographer Sebastian Cortes talks to Deepa Alexander about capturing the enduring memories and the grand houses of the Bohras of Sidhpur.

India Today, Maharanis: Women of Royal India, 28th December 2015
Blue Bloods and Sepia Tints
India Today

by Prachi Bhuchar

India Today reviews the Maharanis: Women of Royal India book: "Rare photographs, colourful tales and insightful essays bring to life royal women from another era. Whether on horseback or a hunt, they make for more than a pretty picture." 

Verve Framed, Gardens of the Mind, November 10th 2015
Gilles Bensimon - Explore the Garden of the Minds with these Photo Series

by Huzun Tata

Verve showcases Gardens of the Mind featuring the works of Swapan Nayak and Gilles Bensimon.

Verve, The Deepak Puri Collection, November 5th 2015
Photojournalism at its best: The Deepak Puri Collection

by Huzun Tata

The Deepak Puri Collection: Legacy of Photojournalism is showcased on Verve