Verve, The Deepak Puri Collection, November 5th 2015
Photojournalism at its best: The Deepak Puri Collection

by Huzun Tata

The Deepak Puri Collection: Legacy of Photojournalism is showcased on Verve

News World, Deepak Puri Collection, 28th October 2015
'Wizard of Delhi' Deepak Puri's Legacy of Photojournalism Starts in Delhi
News World

by Sumon K Chakrabarti

Sumon K Chakrabarti reminisces on the legend that is Deepak Puri in relation to the Legacy of Photojournalism opening in New Delhi.

Hindustan Times, Bourne & Shpeherd, 21st August 2015
Photography/Time Travel British Lensmen Samuel Bourne & Charles Shepherd...
Hindustan Times

by Arundhati Chatterjee

On Figures in Time, an exhibition of vintage prints by Samuel Bourne, Charles Shepherd and others of the Bourne & Shepherd studio.

National Geographic Traveller, Bourne & Shepherd, 18th August 2015
Bourne & Shepherd - In Photos: Images from one of India's Oldest Photography Studios
National Geographic Traveller, India

On Figures in Time, an exhibition of vintage prints by Samuel Bourne, Charles Shepherd and others of the Bourne & Shepherd studio.

Harper's Bazaar, Tasveer at Photo London 2015, Summer 2015
PREVIEW: Photo London
Harper's Bazaar

by Simon Bowcock

A new fair in London suggests a buoyant market for art photography. Photo London promises solid regional representation and a strong international flavor, finds Simon Bowcock. 

Bangalore Mirror, Christopher Taylor, 17 May 2015
Christopher Taylor - A Photographic Memory
Bangalore Mirror

by Jayanthi Madhukar

Christopher Taylor travelled nine times by train between Mumbai and Kolkata for the love of old buildings in these two grand cities. The result is a series of striking images from the past.

Gulf News, Sebastian Cortes, 15 May 2015
Sebastian Cortes - Living spaces that history left behind
Gulf News

by Nilima Pathak

Photographer Sebastian Cortés captures the lingering vintage and architectural symbology in the homes of Sidhpur’s Bohra community

Artsome, Karl Blossfeldt, 9 May 2015
Karl Blossfeldt - Review | Karl Blossfeldt’s show “Art Forms in Nature”

by Monica Arora

Monica Arora reviews Karl Blossfeldt’s show “Art Forms in Nature”

Verve, Saibal Das, 5 May 2015
Saibal Das - Through The Ages

by Huzan Tata

Explore death, religion and memory through Saibal Das’ latest exhibition of monochrome images