Khaleej Times, Maharanis: Women of Royal India, 26th August 2016
From the Royal Families' Albums

by Sujata Assomull

A delightful read in Khaleej Times about Tasveer’s travelling exhibition and coffee table book book  – Maharanis: Women of Royal India

The New Indian Express, Maharanis: Women of Royal India, 30th July 2016
Royal women straddled two worlds with ease

by Gokul Nair

Princess Vidya Singh of Vizianagaram, whose aunts are featured in Tasveer’s book ‘Maharanis: Women of Royal Inida’, shares her thoughts on what it means to be royal in 2016

News Today, Maharanis: Women of Royal India, 20th July 2016
A peek at enigmatic women of Royal India

by News Today Bureau

News Today catches up with Shilpa Vijayakrishnan, co-author of the book ‘Maharanis: Women of Royal India’, and Princess Vidya Singh of Vizianagaram in Chennai at the exclusive preview of the Maharanis exhibition for the Duchess Club at Hotel Savera

Indulge, Maharanis: Women of Royal India, 29th July 2016
Royalty framed

by Simar Bhasin

From Victoria Gowramma of Coorg, Maharani Gayatri Devi of Jaipur and Begum Qudisa of Bhopal, Tasveer’s exhibition and book Maharanis: Women of Royal India offers a glimpse of the iconic and lesser-known women of royal India. Simar Bhasin previews the exhibition ahead of the Chennai opening.

Apollo Magazine, Bourne & Shepherd, 26th July 2016
Bourne & Shepherd - One of the world's oldest photography studios is closing down

by Gavin Stamp

Apollo Magazine looks at Bourne & Shepherd’s history and legacy after the studio, one of the oldest in the world, closes down in Calcutta

Daily Thanthi, Maharanis: Women of India, 24th July 2016
Rare portraits of royalty

by Pampa Lahiri

Daily Thanthi shares a glimpse of the Maharanis and royal women from South India in their Sunday edition ahead of the exhibition opening of ‘Maharanis: Women of Royal India’ in Chennai

Forbes Life, Bourne & Shepherd, July-August 2016
Bourne & Shepherd - Frame of mind

by Shilpa Vijayakrishnan

In light of the sad news of the closing down of the Bourne & Shepherd studio in Calcutta, Forbes Life shares an excerpt from Tasveer’s book ‘Bourne & Shepherd: Figures in Time’ about the history and legacy of the studio’s prolific founders, Samuel Bourne & Charles Shepherd.

Hyperallergic, Bourne & Shepherd, 28th June 2016
Bourne & Shepherd - World's oldest operating photo studio closes in India

by Kanika Makhija

Claire Voon announces the closing of the iconic Bourne & Shepherd studio and explores their towering legacy, Bourne & Shepherd, 6th June 2016
Bourne & Shepherd - Archetype of vintage photography

by Kanika Makhija

Kanika Makhija shares a preview of the vintage images on exhibit at Tasveer’s Bourne & Shepherd: Figures in Time

The Wall, The Deepak Puri Collection, June 2016
The Deepak Puri Collection: Legacy of Photojournalism

by The Wall Editorial

The Wall showcases Legacy of Photojournalism: The Deepak Puri Collection