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Vogue - Subjects & Spaces Women in Indian Photography - February 2014
Eye Contact

by Anindita Ghose

From demure, camera-shy expressions to sensual gaze that holds, Tasveer's ongoing exhibition marks a dramatic shift in representations of women over a 100 years of Indian photography....

Midday Mumbai - Andreas Volwahsen - 2 December 2013
Andreas Volwahsen - Iconic India
Midday Mumbai

Andreas Volwahsen's fascination for the Indian subcontinent began while studying at the Technical University of Munich in the 1960s...

Arts Illustrated - Andreas Volwahsen - November 2013
Andreas Volwahsen - Living Moments
Arts Illustrated

Andreas Volwahsen is a celebrated architectural historian. His quest to explore the architectural heritage of India led him to study and thereon photograph India's rich architectural legacy...

The Indian Quaterly - Michael Kenna - November 2013
Michael Kenna - My Journey Through Asia
The Indian Quarterly

by Michael Kenna

British photographer Michael Kenna on the complexity of India and why it is not the best place to photograph in...

Live Mint - Michael Kenna - 22 November 2013
Michael Kenna - The many moods of Asia
Live Mint

by Pooja Chaturvedi

Michael Kenna captures the continent in Black and White...

The Indian Express - Michael Kenna - 15 November 2013
Michael Kenna - Asia through the View Finder
The Indian Express

by Debesh Banerjee

British landscape photographer Michael Kenna presents his first exhibition in India...

Domus - Subjects & Spaces - November 2013
An Anthology on women in Indian Photography

by Kalyani Majumdar

The advent of photography brought many changes specially in terms of how we document the historical, social, gender and political aspects of an image...

TimeOut, Bengaluru - Karen Knorr - 8 November 2013
Karen Knorr - Creature Comforts
TimeOut, Bengaluru

by Akhila Seetharaman

Karen Knorr's images highlight the gap between nature and culture...

Taj City Guide - Andreas Volwahsen - 7 November 2013
Andreas Volwahsen - An Architectural Marvel
Taj City Guide

An exhibition by German photographer Andreas Volwahsen documents intricate details of ancient Indian architecture...

Bangalore Mirror - Karen Knorr - 29 October 2013
Karen Knorr - Look! Tiger in a Temple
Bangalore Mirror

by Jayanthi Madhukar

American photographer Karen Knorr's exhibition of photographs showcases Indian monuments and animals in all their unique glory....