The Tribune, Karan Kapoor: Time & Tide, 8th October 2017
Karan Kapoor - Beyond 36 Chowringhee Lane

by Amit Sengupta

Karan Kapoor’s Time & Tide featured across The Tribune in New Delhi and Chandigarh, Karan Kapoor: Time & Tide, 5th September 2017
Karan Kapoor - From Elderly Anglo-Indians to Feasts in Goa: Photos by Karan Kapoor

by Zinnia Ray Chaudhuri

Ahead of the premiere of Time & Tide, Karan Kapoor’s first exhibition in India, shares a preview

Times of India, Rohit Chawla: The Inspired Frame, 10th June 2017
Rohit Chawla - When Photos Recreate Art

by Times News Network

The Times of India reports on the intersection of art, photography and fashion in Rohit Chawla’s exhibition, The Inspired Frame

Indulge, Rohit Chawla: The Inspired Frame, 2nd May 2017
Rohit Chawla - Of Frame & Fortune

by Jaideep Sen

Jaideep Sen previews Rohit Chawla’s exhibition, The Inspired Frame, ahead of its opening in Bangalore and shares a sneak peek of what to expect at the show

Bangalore Mirror, Rohit Chawla: The Inspired Frame, 22nd May 2017
Rohit Chawla - Pixels for Easels

by Jayanthi Madhukar

Jayanthi Madhukar writes about Rohit Chawla: The Inspired Frame, ahead of its opening in Bangalore: “Photographer Rohit Chawla’s new show brings back the magic of classic paintings – in a slightly different fashion”

The New Indian Express, Waswo X. Waswo: Photowallah, 3rd May 2017
Waswo X Waswo - Udaipur Shot From a Studio

by Swathi Nair

The New Indian Express reviews Waswo X. Waswo: Photowallah and shares highlights from the exhibition

Bangalore Mirror, Waswo X. Waswo: Photowallah, 3rd April 2017
Waswo X Waswo - Enough Said

by Divya Guha

Divya Guha sheds light on the conceptualisation of Waswo X. Waswo’s Photowallah and his collaboration with the third generation hand-colourist, Rajesh Soni

Deccan Chronicle, Waswo X. Waswo: Photowallah, 28th April 2017
Waswo X Waswo - A Portrait of the Photowallah

by Darshana Ramdev

In an insightful interview, Darshana Ramdev writes about Waswo X. Waswo’s journey in India setting up a studio in Udaipur and about his new exhibition at Tasveer.

Indulge, Waswo X. Waswo: Photowallah, 28th April 2017
Kitsch and Tell

by Jaideep Sen

Jaideep Sen catches up with Waswo X. Waswo in what is a delightful and insightful interview ahead of his Photowallah exhibition in Bangalore

Verve, AIPAD - The Photography Show 2017, 30th March 2017
View Tasveer's Showcase of Frames at The Photography Show 2017

by Huzan Tata

Verve writes about Tasveer’s presentation of vintage, modern and contemporary works at AIPAD’s prestigious exposition in New York