The Wall, The Deepak Puri Collection, June 2016
The Deepak Puri Collection: Legacy of Photojournalism
The Wall

by The Wall Editorial

The Wall showcases Legacy of Photojournalism: The Deepak Puri Collection 

The Asian Age, Bourne & Shepherd, 4th June 2016
Bourne & Shepherd - A world that was
The Asian Age

by Geetha Jayaraman

Curator, Nathaniel Gaskell, talks to The Asian Age about the display of 19th century vintage photographs in conjunction with modern enlarged reprints in the exhibition Figures in Time: Bourne & Shepherd

Mail Today, Bourne & Shepherd, 4th June 2016
Bourne & Shepherd - Time Capsule
Mail Today

by Adila Matra

Mail Today looks at highlights from Figures in Time: Bourne & Shepherd 

Deccan Herald, Bourne & Shepherd, 1st June 2016
Bourne & Shepherd - Vignettes from colonial India
Deccan Herald

by Shweta Sharma

Shweta Sharma looks at Figures in Time: Bourne & Shepherd and how it showcases colonial India through the eyes of two prolific European photographers

The Sunday Guardian, Bourne & Shepherd, 29th May 2016
Bourne & Shepherd - Documenting the Indian landscape through the eye of a vintage camera
The Sunday Guardian

by Bhumika Popli

After the opening of Figures in Time: Bourne & Shepherd in Delhi, The Sunday Guardian throws light on Samuel Bourne and his role played in documenting India's landscape and architecture in the 19th century

Bangalore Mirror, Bourne & Shepherd, 8th April 2016
Bourne & Shepherd - History in a snap
Bangalore Mirror

by Jayanthi Madhukar

Bangalore Mirror announces the new exhibition Figures in Time: Bourne & Shepherd and reviews the awe-inspiring images of 19th century India shot by Samuel Bourne

Times of India, Bourne & Shepherd, 19th March 2016
Bourne & Shepherd - Bourne Legacy
Times of India

by Shounak Ghosal

Shounak Ghosal takes a look at the Bourne legacy, and Tasveer's Figures in Time: Bourne & Shepherd, on the occasion of the studio's 150th anniversary. 

DNA, Gardens of the Mind, 13th March 2016
Swapan Nayak - Colour Coded Garden

by Ornella D'Souza

Ornella D'Souza reports on Gardens of the Mind: Photographers Swapan Nayak & Gilles Bensimon present two ways of looking at nature in a joint exhibition.

Hindustan Times, Gardens of the Mind, 26th February 2016
Swapan Nayak - The Nature of Things
The Hindustan Times

by Soma Das

Flowers in full bloom or the stark beauty of jungles, two photographers interpret nature in contrasting ways. Soma Das previews Gardens of the Mind,  featuring photographs by Gilles Bensimon & Swapan Nayak.

The New Indian Express, Maharanis: Women of Royal India, 24th February 2016
'Say Cheese,' Your Highness
The New Indian Express

by Express News Service

The New Indian Express reviews Maharanis: Women of Royal India: "Replete with the prevailing mood and opulence of the Maharanis of yore, a collection of rare photographs exhibited at the Tasveer Gallery showcases a slice of their lives."