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Bangalore Mirror - Sebastian Cortes - 12 August 2014
Sebastian Cortes - A Ghost Town
Bangalore Mirror

by Jayanthi Madhukar

Photographer Sebastian Cortes chronicles how time has stood still in Sidhpur, a historical town in Gujarat...

Grazia - JyotiBhatt - April 2014
Jyoti Bhatt - Re-living the Bygone

Photographer Jyoti Bhatt screens his compilation of photographs of Indian villages from the 1970s to '90s...

The Indian Express Mumbai - Jyoti Bhatt 31 March 2014
Jyoti Bhatt - Art of Living

by Amruta Lakhe

Photographer Jyoti Bhatt's exhibition highlights several dying art practices of rural India...

Indian Express Delhi - Andreas Volwahsen- 4 March 2014
Andreas Volwahsen - Looking into the Past

by Debesh Banerjee

As a young student travelling through India in the 50's, Andreas Volwahsen was "overwhelmed by the immense wealth of forms, decorative ornaments and sculpture" in Indian Architecture...

The Leela Magazine - Michael Kenna-February to March 2014
Michael Kenna - Meditations on Asia

A selection of photographs from the renowned British lensmen Michael Kenna's first exhibition in India...

Mid-Day Mumbai - Michael Kenna-13-February 2014
Michael Kenna - Zoom into Asia

by Dhara Vora

Pioneering landscape photographer is known to do wonders with his simple yet ethereal black and white frames...

Vogue - Subjects & Spaces Women in Indian Photography - February 2014
Eye Contact

by Anindita Ghose

From demure, camera-shy expressions to sensual gaze that holds, Tasveer's ongoing exhibition marks a dramatic shift in representations of women over a 100 years of Indian photography....

The Deccan Herald - Subjects & Spaces Women in Indian Photography - 22 January 2014
When the camera yielded to their charm

by Henna Rakeja

In the year 1920 a lady draped in a Maharashtrian sari climbed a top a bicycle and looked up to be requested by the photographer to smile...

The Indian Express Delhi - Subjects & Spaces Women in Indian Photography - 14 January 2014
Faces of Femininity

by Debesh Banerjee

A photo-exhibition throws light on the socio-economic condition of women in India over the last century...

Midday Mumbai - Andreas Volwahsen - 2 December 2013
Andreas Volwahsen - Iconic India
Midday Mumbai

Andreas Volwahsen's fascination for the Indian subcontinent began while studying at the Technical University of Munich in the 1960s...