Mid-Day Mumbai - Michael Kenna-13-February 2014
Michael Kenna

by Dhara Vora

Pioneering landscape photographer is known to do wonders with his simple yet ethereal black and white frames…

Live Mint - Michael Kenna - 22 November 2013
Michael Kenna
Live Mint

by Pooja Chaturvedi

Michael Kenna captures the continent in Black and White…

The Indian Quaterly - Michael Kenna - November 2013
Michael Kenna
The Indian Quarterly

by Michael Kenna

British photographer Michael Kenna on the complexity of India and why it is not the best place to photograph in…

Deccan Herald - Michael Kenna, 15 September, 2013
Michael Kenna

by Giridhar Khasnis

 British-born photographer Michael Kenna uses the analogy of a theatre stage to explain his approach to image-making…. 

The Leela Magazine - Michael Kenna-February to March 2014
Michael Kenna


A selection of photographs from the renowned British lensmen Michael Kenna’s first exhibition in India…

Deccan Chronicle - Michael Kenna - 14 September 2013
Michael Kenna

by Namita Gupta

Capturing memories of a presence across Asia, this photographer’s work exudes artistry….

The Hindu online - Michael Kenna - 6 September 2013
Michael Kenna

by Harshini Vakkalanka

Each frame in Michael Kenna’s exhibition is an opportunity to bask in stillness….

Bangalore Mirror - Michael Kenna - 26 August, 2013
Michael Kenna

by Jayanthi Madhukar

Internationally acclaimed photographer Michael Kenna (60), (his works have been displayed at major galleries including MOMA, San Francisco, and Victoria and Albert Museum, London) is having his first solo show in India A Journey Through Asia – featuring 48 of his works at Tasveer Gallery….

Indian Express - Michael Kenna - 11 September 2013
Michael Kenna

by Aparna Chandra

Landscape photographer Michael Kenna on his love for black and white pictures without people in them….

Explocity - Michael Kenna - 11 September 2013
Michael Kenna

by Nirmala Govindarajan

The air is intense with escapades into Eastern landscapes ranging from Yunnan to Kerala, bringing to fore the enigma of trees, locations and places, Michael Kenna loves to be in… 

The Indian Express - Michael Kenna - 15 November 2013
Michael Kenna
The Indian Express

by Debesh Banerjee

British landscape photographer Michael Kenna presents his first exhibition in India…