The Telegraph, Karl Blossfeldt, 20 September 2014
Karl Blossfeldt
The Telegraph

by Soumitra Das

Soumitra Das the unknown universe within Karl Blossfeldt’s Art Forms in Nature…

Open Magazine, Karl Blossfeldt, 1 May 2015
Karl Blossfeldt
Open Magazine

by Rajni George

The exquisite plant photography of Karl Blossfeldt illuminates life from stalk to tendril in a rare exhibition

The Indian Quarterly, Karl Blossfeldt
Karl Blossfeldt
The Indian Quarterly

by Karl Blossfeldt

Karl Blossfeldt explored the interior design of plants almost a century ago. The Indian Quarterly presents a photo-essay…

Mid-Day, Karl Blossfeldt, 23 January 2015
Karl Blossfeldt

by Soma Das

Check out fascinating magnified plant portraits by an iconic German photographer in an exhibition, titled Karl Blossfeldt — Art Forms in Nature

Deccan Chronicle, Karl Blossfeldt, 26 October 2014
Karl Blossfeldt
Deccan Chronicle

by Giridhar Khasnis

Karl Blossfeldt’s portfolio of plant studies continues to influence both conventional and conceptual photographers to this day. Giridhar Khasnis writes about the photographer, who witnessed art in nature.

Artsome, Karl Blossfeldt, February 2015
Karl Blossfeldt


Artsome features Karl Blossfeldt’s “Art Forms in Nature”…

Hindustan Times, Karl Blossfeldt, 2 May 2015
Karl Blossfeldt
Hindustan Times

by Manjula Narayan

The spare beauty of Karl Blossfeldt’s classic pictures of plants leads viewers to recall vivid snapshots from their own memories and act as a spur to inspiration. Manjula Narayan features the work of Karl Blossfeldt for the Hindustan Times.

Artsome, Karl Blossfeldt, 9 May 2015
Karl Blossfeldt

by Monica Arora

Monica Arora reviews Karl Blossfeldt’s show “Art Forms in Nature”

The Hindu, Karl Blossfeldt, 21 October 2014
Karl Blossfeldt
The Hindu

by Nirmala Govindhrajan

Blossfeldt’s genre of imagery finds pertinence in the academics of photography, which confluences scientific empiricism and sculptural forms with design mechanics, writes Nirmala Gonvindrajan.

Artsy, Karl Blossfeldt, 7 November 2014
Karl Blossfeldt

by K Sundberg

From Art Nouveau’s curving floral forms and geometric symmetries, to intricate patterns and stark imagery in modern painting, to the ability to deconstruct natural life both as a cause and effect of art, a trace of Blossfeldt’s forms can be seen in a host of art-historical and design movements. K Sundberg writes on the natural archetypes of art found in Karl Blossfeldt’s photographs.

Verve, Karl Blossfeldt, 23 January 2015
Karl Blossfeldt

by Huzan Tata

Get a unique view of flora through German photographer Karl Blossfeldt’s monochromatic lens…

Deccan Herald, Karl Blossfeldt, 29 April 2015
Karl Blossfeldt
Deccan Herald

by Ruchira Talapatra

A self-taught photographer and professor at the Royal School of the Museum of Decorative Arts in Berlin, Karl Blossfeldt (1865–1932) is recognised for his extensive and unique photographs of plant portraits, created to support his argument that all forms created by man, have their origins in nature.