Mid-Day, Jyoti Bhatt, 12 March 2015
Jyoti Bhatt

by Krutika Behrawala

Veteran photographer Jyoti Bhatt’s images of rural India’s changing landscape…

Marwar, Jyoti Bhatt, July 2014
Jyoti Bhatt

by Neehar Mishra

It is widely believed that the real beauty of India lies in its rural recesses which are home to its many indigenous arts and crafts. Marwar presents rare photographs by veteran photographer Jyoti Bhatt, who enigmatic black-and-white frames beautifully capture the many facets of rural life in Rajasthan.

Grazia - JyotiBhatt - April 2014
Jyoti Bhatt


Photographer Jyoti Bhatt screens his compilation of photographs of Indian villages from the 1970s to ’90s…

Art & Deal, Jyoti Bhatt, April 2014
Jyoti Bhatt
Art & Deal


Art & Deal features photographs by Indian artist Jyoti Bhatt…

Domus, Jyoti Bhatt, May 2015
Jyoti Bhatt

by Kaiwan Mehta

“There was nothing I could do about my concern for preservation, but I continued making photographic records of the art forms and art traditions that were still alive. This was in keeping with the ideas of Professor K.G. Subramanyan, who had coined the term Living Traditions.” This collection of relatively unexplored body of photographic work from the late 60s to the mid 90s documents artistic traditions, contextualised within their environments of production and life. Kaiwan Mehta documents Jyoti Bhatt’s photographic experience.

The Indian Express Mumbai - Jyoti Bhatt 31 March 2014
Jyoti Bhatt

by Amruta Lakhe

Photographer Jyoti Bhatt’s exhibition highlights several dying art practices of rural India…

Taj City Guide Mumbai, Jyoti Bhatt, March 2015 Issue
Jyoti Bhatt
Taj City Guide Mumbai


A mention in the Taj City Guide of a Jyoti Bhatt exhibition at Artisans’, Mumbai.