The Times of India - 17 June, 2012
Derry Moore

by Parth Shastri

It was the era when the new India was finding its own identity from the shadow of the Raj….

Indian Express - Derry Moore - 5 October 2012
Derry Moore

by Shefali Rao

Derry Moore: Evening Ragas is possibly the most apt name that could have been given to an upcoming photography exhibition at photo gallery Tasveer….

Times of India, Delhi - Derry Moore - 3 November 2012
Derry Moore

by Shrabonti Bagchi

A calm and restful quality infuses each frame captured by Derry Moore’s camera….

The Hindu - Derry Moore - 26 October, 2012
Derry Moore

by Sravasti Datta

Evening ragas, a collection of Derry Moore’s portraits, architectural views and landscapes photographed over three decades of his travels to India, on display at Tasveer Art Gallery, is a retrospective on pre-morden India….

Bangalore Mirror - Derry Moore - 11 October, 2013
Derry Moore

by Jayanthi Madhukar

Derry Moore made his name photographing palaces and portraits of the European aristocracy all over the world….

Marwar-Derry Morre - January - February - 2013
Derry Moore

by Marwar

Architecture and layouts of interiors can often weave a rich tapestry of tales about their inhabitants…

Deccan Chronicle - Derry Moore, 6 October, 2012
Derry Moore


When Derry Moore, the gentleman photographer first came to India in 1976, he came expecting the land….

The Taj - Vol 40. No 1, 2012
Derry Moore

by The Taj

This year sees a revival of rare, retro photographs of India’s most glorious places and the lifestyle lived by royalty,….

Deccan Herald - Derry Moore - 5 March, 2013
Derry Moore

by Deccan Herald

Here’s rare opportunity to see the twilight of a pre-modernised India its people, architecture and landscape – through a British photographer’s eye….  

Atelier - Derry Moore - 7 March, 2013
Derry Moore

by Atelier

Gaudi, the Spanish architectural marvel was oft quoted saying that “originality consists in returning to the origin” In the architectural landscape,….

Live Mint - Derry Moore - 23 February, 2013
Derry Moore

by Shreya Ray

Imagine a section in the Louvre, Paris, with Greek and Roman statues, only here, the statues are surrounded by dust and decay….

Mans World - Derry Moore - 15 August, 2012
Derry Moore

by Deepali Nandwani

Derry Moore, the 12th Earl of Drogheda, in eastern Ireland, travelled across India in the 1970s, photographing people in their palatial mansions and venerable homes….

The Bengal Post - Derry Moore - 2 September, 2012
Derry Moore

by Supreeta Singh

One of the most celebrated photographers in the world, Derry Moore knew how to record history and capture beauty through his images,….

Le Journam Photographie - Derry Moore - 11 December, 2012
Derry Moore

by Sybile Girault

Tasveer presents an exhibition of photographs by British Derry Moore. On display will be over 60 limited editioned signed prints from an on going project Moore began in India in 1976 on a series of visits to India….

Livemint - Derry Moore - 26 September, 2012
Derry Moore

by Pavitra Jayaraman

Derry Moore first came to India in 1976, visiting Bombay(now Mumbai) and Hyderabad with the idea of photographing a country that was fast developing but still showed remnants of its past….

Grazia - Derry Moore - February, 2013
Derry Moore

by Grazia

An Affair to Remember

Smitten by Indian culture and its beauty, Derry Moore, a veteran British architectural photographer and illustrator, has been travelling to the country since ’70s….

The Hindu - Derry Moore - 11 November, 2012
Derry Moore

by Jessu John

What international photographers and artists perceived from their experience and time in India make an interesting study….

Kamalan Journeys - Derry Moore - 17 July, 2013
Derry Moore

by Kamalan Journeys

The elegance of Derry Moore’s eye transpires in his Evening Ragas, which will be shown in Kolkata in August,as part of an itinerant exhibition throughout the country….

Air India - Derry Moore - September, 2012
Derry Moore

by Air India

The relics of a pre-morden India, as seen through the lens of British photographer Derry Moore….

Time Out Bengaluru - October 12 - 25, 2012
Derry Moore

by Jaideep Sen

Three-click-deep search on the internet will reveal to you that the Third Marquess of Drogheda, Henry Moore, was a bit of a Falstaffian figure: slightly rotund and seemingly jovial….

India Show biz - Derry Moore - 20 October, 2012
Derry Moore

by K. Ashwin

The exhibition showcases over 60 limited edition signed prints from an ongoing project Moore began in India in 1967, which he continues to work on to this day….

Frames Magazine - Derry Moore, 2013
Derry Moore

by Frames Magazine

These photographs are part of a touring exhibition organised by Tasveer in collaboration with Damiani….

Deccan Herald - Derry Moore - 22.October, 2012
Derry Moore

by Marta Jakimowicz

Although Tasveer has been accommodating different kinds of accomplished photography from old maharaja portraits to modern classic and clearly contemporary sensitivities, Derry Moore’s ”Evening Ragas”….

Sunday Herald - Derry Moore - 28 October, 2012
Derry Moore

by Giridhar Khasnis

It is clearly a posed picture. It features an elderly couple in a typical Madras home – with its neatly swept floor, multiple doors and hanging photograph, presumably of a deceased ancestor….