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Sharanya CR

Times of India - 37 Indian Still Life, 24 August, 2012
'Still has taken a different meaning'

by Sharanya CR

For independent photographer Prashant Panjir, a picture should not just transcend the beauty that is captured in his lens, but also be political in nature….

Times of India - 2 March, 2012
Norman Parkinson - An eye for fashion

by Sharanya CR

Norman Parkinson’s India of the 1950’s was as much about beauty and glamour as about the culture and heritage….

Maharajas - Times of India - 27 January, 2012
A journey into the past

by Sharanya CR

Old photographs are undoubtedly priceless and when it comes to country’s precious old pictures, its even more precious….

DNA - Bangalore 5 October, 2011
Nicholas Vreeland - Reflecting a way of life

by Sharanya CR

Rato Monk and photographer Nicholas Vreeland gets talking about his latest series of photographs….