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Pratima Chabbi

TimeOut Bengaluru - Sebastian Cortes - November 23 - December - 6, 2012
Sebastian Cortes - French benefits

by Pratima Chabbi

Photographer Sebastian Cortes devoted four years to Pondicherry. The resultant series of pictures, an examination of contemporary life in the town on the country’s eastern shores,….

Bangalore Mirror - 23 February, 2012
Norman Parkinson - Varied hues of india

by Pratima Chabbi

In the 50’s, famed photographer Norman Parkinson showed the British how beautiful India was. Now, it is your turn to admire the images….

Maharaja - Bangalore Mirror - 18 January. 2012
Snapshots from history

by Pratima Chabbi

A Journey into the time of Maharajas depicts princely India and a historical record of an age we will never experience again….

Bangalore Mirror - 14 December, 2011
China frozen in frames

by Pratima Chabbi

Chinese Photography Now exhibits the work of photographers who depict the relationship between rapid economic expansion,….