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Marta Jakimowicz

Deccan Herald - Magnum Ke Tasveer - 25 Februauy, 2013
Life's striking aesthetics

by Marta Jakimowicz

The second chapter of  “Magnum Ke Tasveer,” “Magnum’s Vision of India – The last 50 years” (Tasveer at Cinnamon, February 8 to March 1), includes work by eight accomplished, mostly senior members of the famous international photographic cooperative….

Deccan Herald - Maimouna Guerresi - 28 January, 2013
Maïmouna Guerresi - Spiritually aesthetic syncretism

by Marta Jakimowicz

Against classic spirit of photography that dominates Tasveer’s exhibition, ‘Inner Space’ by Italian artist Maimouna Guerresi (January 5 to 25) belonged to the rarer in its kind,….

Deccan Chronicle - Raghu Rai - 14 January, 2013
Raghu Rai - In tune with life's rhythms

by Marta Jakimowicz

The title of Raghu Rai’s latest exhibition at Tasveer (December 13 to 31) was ” Divine Moments”.

On the obvious plane this could be associated with the not too numerous presences of godly images captured around ritualistic circumstance but immersed in the normalcy of life in the happening…. 

Deccan Herald - Sebastian Cortes - 10 December, 2012
Sebastian Cortes - Expressive staging

by Marta Jakimowicz

The ‘Pondicherry’ photographs by Sebastian Cortes at Tasveer (November 10 to 30) offered a charmingly classic and sensitive insight into the unique character and atmosphere of the place….

Deccan Herald - Derry Moore - 22.October, 2012
Derry Moore - Architectural staging of atmosphere

by Marta Jakimowicz

Although Tasveer has been accommodating different kinds of accomplished photography from old maharaja portraits to modern classic and clearly contemporary sensitivities, Derry Moore’s ”Evening Ragas”….

Swapan Nayak - Deccan Herald, 7 May,2011
Swapan Nayak - Immersed in painful beauty

by Marta Jakimowicz

“Being and Nothignness”, the photography exhibition by Swapan Nayak at Tasveer (April 20 to May 12), brings an unusually cathartic experience, as the artist’s modesty allows his formal sensitivity….  

Deccan Herald - 26 March, 2012
Norman Parkinson - Exotic as sophisticated background

by Marta Jakimowicz

Used to Tasveer’s presentation of photography that, like any other kind of art, brings an interpretation and enhanced experience of reality,….

Maharaja - Deccan Herald - 30 January, 2012
Staging innate grandeur

by Marta Jakimowicz

Maharajas at Tasveer brings a charming as well as perceptive array of royal portraits in photography….

Ofoto - Deccan Herald - 2 January, 2012
Weighing the heritage

by Marta Jakimowicz

The images in “Chinese Photography Now” ( Tasveer, December 13 to January 4) strike first as finely aesthetic and original to reveal a pervasive concern with the immediate world….