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Legacy of Photojournalism

The Wall, The Deepak Puri Collection, June 2016
The Deepak Puri Collection: Legacy of Photojournalism

by The Wall Editorial

The Wall showcases Legacy of Photojournalism: The Deepak Puri Collection 

Man's World, The Deepak Puri Collection, June 2016
Smooth operator

by Raju Bist

Man’s World talks of the legendary Deepak Puri and his historic photographic collection, some of which is showcased in Tasveer’s travelling exhibition Legacy of Photojournalism 

Verve, The Deepak Puri Collection, November 5th 2015
Photojournalism at its best: The Deepak Puri Collection

by Huzun Tata

The Deepak Puri Collection: Legacy of Photojournalism is showcased on Verve

News World, Deepak Puri Collection, 28th October 2015
'Wizard of Delhi' Deepak Puri's Legacy of Photojournalism Starts in Delhi

by Sumon K Chakrabarti

Sumon K Chakrabarti reminisces on the legend that is Deepak Puri in relation to the Legacy of Photojournalism opening in New Delhi.

Business Standard, The Deepak Puri Collection, 5th September 2015
A Journey Through Time: Bringing the mountain to Mohammed

by Raghu Krishnan

Raghu Krishnan talks of the enigmatic Deepak Puri, his remarkable collection and Tasveer’s Legacy of Photojournalism – with a beautiful photo spread from the exhibit for the Business Standard’s Weekend Vignette’s section.