Bas Meeuws


Bas Meeuws (b. 1974), is a contemporary Dutch photographer who injects the traditional Dutch genre of flower painting with new vigour through his photographic still life series. Much like the subject of his photographs–flowers–his own works are signifiers of multiple layers of meaning, referencing historical and cultural traditions, as well concepts of transience, the passage of time and mortality.

Meeuws created his first photographic flower piece in 2010 and appreciation for his work swiftly followed. He won the the Dutch Public Award in the creation category of the Metro Photo Challenge 2011 and his work has been widely exhibited in the Netherlands, including at the Per van der Horst Gallery, Museum Jan van der Togt, Chuang Tu Gallery, Wilms Gallery and the Westfries Museum. Meeuws has also shown at several international art fairs including PAN Amsterdam (2012 – 2016), LA Art Show 2015, Art Basel 2016, Context Art Miami 2016, Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair 2017 and India Art Fair 2017. His work is held in the public collections of the Westfries Museum (Hoorn), the Vanderbilt University (Amsterdam) and the Amstelveen City Hall (Amsterdam).