Ram Shergill - Kaleidoscope

Tasveer is delighted to present Kaleidoscope, the first exhibition by internationally acclaimed British fashion photographer Ram Shergill in India.

Ram Shergill’s striking images are unique in their ability to lure the viewer into a captivating, unsettling world of altered perceptions, a dreamlike reality, described by Prasad Bidapa as "at once beautiful and dreamlike; disturbing and neurotic with a compelling power to seduce and ravish the viewer, forever altering their preconceived notions of beauty and style." This exhibition features a selection of photographs made by the artist in India.

One of the key Imagists of the directional British fashion scene, who reinvented the concept of ‘Cool Britannia’, Shergill’s compelling images and innovative vision has led to his great success as a fashion photographer in the UK, where he has worked with some of the most recognised names in the industry. Shergill was propelled into the fashion world following a chance meeting with milliner Phillip Treacy — noted for his hat designs, that had captured the imaginations of the fashion circuit and been worn by the British Royal family; and, the late Isabella Blow, an integral and influential force in British fashion. Treacy and Blow immediately recodnised Shergill’s latent talent, and soon Shergill was working on editorial and advertising commissions for VogueHarper’s BazaarTatleri-DPOPDazed & Confused and W magazine. His illustrious subjects include Amy Winehouse, Diane Kruger, Naomi Campbell, Dame Judi Dench, and Amitabh Bachchan among others.

Shergill’s impressive achievements can be attributed to his fresh, original approach to photography that amalgamates technical skill with imaginative compositions and a painterly eye. His photographic process can be likened to an abstract theatrical performance, whether taking portraits or fashion photographs, he often gives his subjects a part to play, which he believes allows them to access overlooked, unexplored aspects of their character, and psyche, exaggerating their true nature. Fittingly, in 2008,  Shergill founded Drama Magazine, a publication dedicated to fashion and performance, which echoes his vivid aesthetics in its editorial style. Juxtaposing unrelated elements in seemingly fanciful and childlike combinations of colour, form and light, Shergill’s visually hyperbolic photographs are nevertheless strongly influenced by art history, particularly the work of Cecil Beaton, Horst P. Horst, Richard Avedon and Irving Penn, whose elegant aesthetics have consistently inspired him.

A project with Abhishek and Shweta Bachchan, was the turning point in Shergill’s career that led him to India, where he has captured the world of Bollywood and Indian fashion. Working with iconic designers Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla, he revitalised and animated their opulent, heavily embroidered collections, focusing on the extravagant texture of the garments and capturing them in unusual, discordant environments. In a contemporary art world where fashion photography is frequently deemed superficial, unworthy of serious consideration, and corrupted by commerce, Shergill’s imaginative narratives, cultural relevance, and playful subversion of his subjects demonstrate a strong individual sensibility, and unique visual language that positions his work in an intangible space between commercial photography and fine art.

Ram Shergill - Kaleidoscope is organised by Tasveer and forms part of the gallery’s 9th season of exhibitions, in partnership with Vacheron Constantin.

Exhibition Schedule


13 August - 25 August 2021

Story LTD
Industry Manor 3rd Floor
Mumbai 400 025
Monday to Saturday 11.00 am - 7.00 pm


20 October - 04 November 2021

The Oberoi Hotel
Dr. Zakir Hussain Marg
New Delhi 110003



17 November - 29 November 2021

The Harrington Street Arts Centre
8 Ho Chi Minh Sarini
Harrington Mansions 2nd Floor
Flat no.5 & 25B
Kolkata 700071 
Monday to Saturday 12.00 pm - 7.00 pm    


09 January - 05 February 2022

Sua House
26/1, Kasturba Cross Road
Monday to Saturday 9am - 5.30 pm    


20 February - 01 March 2022

National Institute of Design
Design Gallery, Paldi
Ahmedabad 380007
4.00 pm - 8.00 pm daily