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Fawzan Husain
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A Brahmin rolls in coloured waters at Nandgaon temple during the festival of Holi

A bride tries to snatch a conversation with the groom on the eve of their marriage ceremony in Poona

A cow-shaped water fountain for devotees at Govardhan in Uttar Pradesh

A devotee takes blessing from 108 lamps, which are offered to Durga during Sandhi Puja

A Ganesh Devotee prays from behind his car windows during Ganesh last journey towards visarjan

A lone Buddhist engrossed
in prayers at a monastery
in Leh

A Malang baba has his fingers
filled with different ring for
different cures

A priest conducts prayers for devotees who have shaved their head during the annual Shraddhfestival of the deceased at Banganga in Mumbai

A priest rings a bell while on his way to wash a banana trunk in the Ganges during Durga Puja in calcutta

A widow sings in praise of Lord Krishna at Brindavan

A woman changes after purifying in the holy pond of Trimbakeshwar, Maharashtra

A young girl turns Sadhvi in