Tasveer at the Dr. Bhau Daji Lad City Museum, Mumbai


Tasveer is delighted to inform you of its collaboration with the Dr. Bhau Daji Lad City Museum, Mumbai, where Figures in Time : Bourne & Shepherd opens this 20th August 2015.


Figures in Time is an exhibition of vintage prints that showcases some of the finest of 19th century photography; and features a wide range of landscapes, architectural views and portraits by the photographers Samuel Bourne, Charles Shepherd and others from the Bourne & Shepherd studio.


The exhibition is organised in collaboration with MAP, will stay on view till 15th September 2015.


Gardens of the Mind: Swapan Nayak & Gilles Bensimon opens in Kolkata


Tasveer is pleased to announce the opening of Gardens of the Mind : Swapan Nayak & Gilles Bensimon as part of its tenth anniversary season at the Harrington Street Arts Centre, Kolkata on 21st August 2015. 


Bringing together the works of these two artists for the first time, this exhibit highlights the variety in photographic practice and method even with common subjects, and enables an appreciation of the diversity offered by the medium in interpreting and (re)presenting reality.  


The exhibition will stay on view till 31st August 2015.



Legacy of Photojournalism: The Deepak Puri Collection opens in Bangalore 


Tasveer and MAP (Museum of Art & Photography) are excited to announce the opening of Legacy of Photojournalism : The Deepak Puri Collection opens at Sua House, Bangalore on the 26th August 2015. 


Legacy of Photojournalism features over 30 photographers and includes some of the best practitioners of the documentary aesthetic, both Indian and international, from the golden period of photojournalism. Culled from the MAP collection, these images will be made available to public view for the first time by the kind donation of his historic personal collection to the museum, by the iconic photo-editor and lifeline of Time-Life Asia, Deepak Puri. 


This exhibition is organised in collaboration with MAP and will be on view till the 2nd October 2015. 


Maharanis: Women of Royal India, lined up for Season 10


Tasveer is excited to announce, as part of its tenth anniversary celebrations, an exhibition of vintage photographs will historically chronicle the representation of royal women in India for over a century, and through it, trace the changing tropes of photographic portraiture. 


Although many exhibitions have been curated with Indian royalty as their theme, they have almost always centred around the figure of the Maharajah. As a counterpoint to these narratives, this exhibition focuses on Maharanis and other royal women from erstwhile Princely India, probing at what lies beneath the surface, and the ways in which many of these women actively influenced, shaped and produced political and social change in their time.  










The Tasveer Journal, Print Edition


Tasveer is happy to inform you of a new print version of a selection of photo essays previously featured on The Tasveer Journal, that will be produced as an exhibition for our new season as well, through the display of unbound versions of the broadsheet publication. 


Featuring the works of 21 artists, this exhibition showcases the versatility of the photographic medium from documentary photography to narrative retelling and conceptual image making practices. Although there is a special focus on new emerging talent, the show also ropes in older bodies of work – that together reshape our understanding of photography in South Asia, and the medium itself, through the ways in which they push the envelope with reference to form, content and methodology. 


Balancing the Thin Line

Featuring Swastik Pal’s Aftershocks in The Tasveer Journal


The Tasveer Journal’s latest post takes a look at Swastik Pal’s recent project Aftershocks, documenting the devastation of earthquake-struck Nepal, and the resilience of the human spirit in its face. 


Paying attention to both the macro-narratives and micro-histories of his subject(s), Pal’s work produces an insightful commentary on their plight and resourcefulness, and the always inspiring human ability to pick up and move forward, without at any point turning into mere voyeurism or exploitation.


To read the entire article, and view images from the series, please click here.