Tasveer at PHOTOFAIRS | Shanghai 


Tasveer is pleased to announce its participation at South Asia’s leading art fair dedicated to photography


The fourth edition will take place from 8th to 10th September, at which Tasveer will present a selection of works relating to South Asia by three renowned contemporary photographers: Karen Knorr, Michael Kenna and Bas Meeuws.


For more information, write to us at info@tasveerarts.com.


The Inspired Frame in Bangalore


The Inspired Frame, an exhibition by fashion photographer, Rohit Chawla opens at Tasveer on 8th June


Presenting a selection of works from three series that pay tribute to renowned and seminal artists: Raja Ravi Varma, Gustav Klimt and Frida Kahlo, the exhibition also includes previously unseen works inspired by miniature paintings.


For more information about the exhibition, please visit the Exhibitions page.


Call for entries!


Tasveer & Toto Funds the Arts invites applications for the 2018 Toto-Tasveer Award for Photography   


The Toto-Tasveer Award for Photography is a platform for young artists to receive recognition for their photographic work. Two winners will be selected to receive a cash prize of Rs. 30,000 each. The deadline is 31st August, 2017.  


For more information, view the submission guidelines.


A new publication of Derry Moore’s work by Prestel & Tasveer


Tasveer is delighted to announce a new publication, In the Shadows of the Raj – Derry Moore in India


Produced in conjunction with Tasveer’s upcoming exhibition, In the Shadows of the Raj features several of Moore’s popular photographs, alongside previously unpublished images with a foreword by Sir Mark Tully.


Pre-order your copy now at the Tasveer Bookstore.



Tasveer at The Photography Show, presented by AIPAD 


The 37th edition of AIPAD included 130 participants from across the world, offering a wide range of museum-quality work


At AIPAD this year, Tasveer presented a selection of artworks that traced the relationship between photography and painting: from 20th century painted photographs and manorath paintings to modern and contemporary works. 


Read Roberta Smith’s review in the New York Times.


A new issue of the Tasveer Journal: 

#20 Alchemy


A new issue of the Tasveer Journal looks at the painted photograph as both artefact and collaborative practice


#20 Alchemy has explored Sutirtha Chatterjee and Trina Sen’s What Does it Take to Live?, Tasveer’s exhibition, Waswo X. Waswo: Photowallah and a selection of painted photographs from the early 20th century.


Explore the issue on the Tasveer Journal.