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Tasveer to exhibit at India Art Fair 2017 from 3rd to 5th February at Booth C4


Tasveer is delighted to announce its participation in the 9th edition of India Art Fair–a leading platform for modern and contemporary art in South Asia


Hosted in New Delhi, India Art Fair is the country’s premier international art fair. At the fair this year, Tasveer will showcase a selection of works by Karen Knorr, Waswo X. Waswo, Serena Chopra and Rohit Chawla. Also part of the presentation is a selection of still life flowers by Bas Meeuws from his series produced in India that has never been seen before.


India Art Fair 2017 will take place at NSIC grounds, Okhla Industrial Area, New Delhi. 

KK05TM32 - The Sound of Rain, The Cloud Room, Junargarh Fort, Bikaner 

Tasveer at the Kochi-Muziris Biennale until 29th March


In a Kochi-Muziris Biennale Collateral event, Tasveer is pleased to be showcasing a selection of works from Karen Knorr’s critically acclaimed series: India Song


Karen Knorr blurs the lines between reality and illusion in India Song by inserting animals into architectural spaces and heritage sites. This unexpected juxtaposition playfully subverts cultural spaces and punctures meaning traditionally associated with them, while posing questions about power, gender, colonialism and cultural appropriation through allegory. 


The exhibition is on view at Passage Malabar in Fort Kochi until 29th March 2017.  

Mahesh Shantaram: The African Portraits


Mahesh Shantaram: The African Portraits opens in Kolkata


Mahesh Shantaram’s most recent body of work, The African Portraits, will be on view at The Harrington Street Arts Centre from 18th February to 3rd March 2017


Mahesh Shantaram turns to formal portraiture to increase awareness of the everyday discrimination faced by Africans living in India. His emotionally resonant portraits point towards the plurality of Africans, who hail from several different countries and are ignorantly branded in India by their continent of origin and skin colour.  


For more information about the exhibition, please visit the Exhibitions page.

CT 003


The Tasveer Journal

#19 New Lands


The Tasveer Journal launches a new issue: #19 New Lands that looks at photographers who are changing the landscape of travel photography in South Asia


#19 New Lands explores places that have rarely been captured on film before and are rarely open to outsiders. So far, the issue has looked at Serena Chopra’s Bhutan Echoes–which is also a new exhibition and publication by Tasveer; Clarisse d’Arcimoles’ From Burma to Myanmar: Portraits of Change and Kishor Sharma’s Living in the Mist: The Last Nomads of Nepal. 


To read more and to look at the works, please visit the Tasveer Journal. Happy Reading!

WW11PW51_Night Prowl LJ 2008


Waswo X. Waswo: Photowallah at FOCUS Photography Festival


Tasveer is pleased to announce that Waswo X. Waswo: Photowalalh will be on view at TARQ in Mumbai as part of the FOCUS Photography Festival from 9th to 23rd March


Photowallah features a selection of Waswo X. Waswo’s hand-coloured studio portraits–produced in collaboration with Rajesh Soni–that playfully examine the ethnographic photograph-as-document that is linked to the colonial era, as well as the fantasy-inspired make-believe that emanated from traditional Indian portrait studios in the late 19th and 20th centuries. 


For more information about the exhibition, please visit our Exhibitions page.



Winners of the 2017 Toto-Tasveer Award for Photography


Tasveer and Toto Funds the Arts (TFA) are delighted to announce this year’s winners of the Toto-Tasveer Award for emerging photographers


The Toto-Tasveer Award recognises two young and budding photographers in the country each year to receive a cash prize. This year, the winners are Sutirtha Chatterjee for his series The Sixth Sense that is concerned with schools for the blind, and Zhazo Miachieo for his work on substance abuse among children on the streets in Delhi. 


Explore the award-winning projects, featured in a new post on the Tasveer Journal.