Maharanis: Women of Royal India

Exhibition & Book Launch in New Delhi 


Tasveer is thrilled to announce that Maharanis: Women of Royal India previews in Delhi on 6th December 2015 at Sanskriti Museums. 


Chronicling the historical representation of royal women in India for over half a century, and through it, tracing the changing tropes of photo­graphic portraiture, this exhibition finally brings to the light the shadowed lives of the fascinating women who populated erstwhile Princely India.


The opening will also occasion the launch of the accompanying book, produced by Tasveer in association with Mapin. With a collection of 134 photographs, many published here for the first time, and four original texts — this volume is a treasure trove that provides a deeper engagement with the rich public and private roles essayed by these women. The book is also now available for purchase online!


India 50/50: Alejandro Gomez opens in Bangalore


Tasveer is pleased to announce that Alejandro Gomez: India 50/50 previews in Bangalore at Tasveer on the 10th of December 2015.


India 50/50 is a travel art project comprised of 50 photographs taken over 50 days. As the Gomez explains, “Every time I would feel I had the photograph of the day, I would take the first means of transportation available to whichever destination it would take me. Once arrived, I would start all over again up until the following day.”


Through his iconographic, spatial and temporal journeys, seen here Gomez creates a metaphoric map of contemporary India — both specific and local, and yet fascinatingly abstract — a 50/50 picture of somewhere in-between, as it were. 

The exhibition will stay on view until the 8th of January 2016.


Legacy of Photojournalism: The Deepak Puri Collection opens in Kolkata


Tasveer and the Museum of Art & Photography (MAP) are happy to announce the opening of Legacy of Photojournalism: The Deepak Puri Collection at The Harrington Street Arts Centre, Kolkata on the 3rd of December 2015. 


Legacy of Photojournalism features 30 photographers and includes some of the best practitioners, both Indian and international, of the documentary aesthetic. Culled from the MAP collection, these images will be made available to public view for the first time by the kind donation of his historic personal collection to the museum, by the iconic photo-editor and lifeline of Time-Life Asia, Deepak Puri. 


This exhibition will remain on view at the gallery until the 16th of December 2015.


A new partnership with Raas, Jopdhpur


Tasveer is delighted to announce a new partnership with Raas, Jodhpur’s first boutique hotel that reflects in many ways, the Walled City itself.


Situated in the prestigious north-eastern quarter of Jodhpur, in the very shade of Mehrangarh’s Victory Palace and Gate, and a stone’s throw from the Clock Tower; Raas is comprised of four charismatic buildings in Jodhpur’s very own ‘rose-red’ sandstone. The oldest, the Haveli proper as it were, was built towards the end of the 18th Century and with its delicately carved stone panels — the hall-mark of Rajput architecture — served as the exclusive and intimate residence of the family. The newest, the Baradari, is a multi-pillared, multi-purpose open Pavilion built probably in the 1850s.


In these grandiose and historical surroundings, Tasveer will aptly be showing for the first in a series of regular exhibitions, Karen Knorr: India Song.




The New Tasveer Journal

Website and a Special Print Edition 


The Tasveer Journal is excited to announce the launch of its newly upgraded responsive website – with a sleeker design and larger visuals to provide you with a more pleasurable and immersive reading experience! We are also thrilled to announce that a special print version with a selection of photo essays previously featured on The Tasveer Journal, is finally out!


Featuring the works of 21 artists, this publication showcases the versatility of the photographic medium from documentary photography to narrative retelling and conceptual image making practices. Although there is a special focus on new emerging talent, the volume also ropes in older bodies of work – that together reshape our understanding of photography in South Asia, and the medium itself, through the ways in which they push the envelope with reference to form, content and methodology. 


Season 10 Catalogues

Now available for sale


Tasveer’s new range of publications in conjunction with its tenth anniversary exhibition season are finally here and available for purchase online!


Each publication focuses on one of Tasveer’s five exhibitions that form part of its tenth season — from vintage photographs to contemporary and emerging artists — this is a special set that showcases both the historicity and the versatility of the medium. Each publication includes original commissioned texts that provide new insights and contexts to the work. Further, this season we also have some rare bonuses — both our Maharanis title and the Deepak Puri Collection volume, include additional reproductions, not seen in the accompanying exhibition.


For more details on the individual publications and to place your order, please visit our publications tab